An Arizona woman is accused of crashing a boat into other vessels at the boat docks at The Nautical and then leaving the scene.

Nicolette Kelsey Dunn, 33, of Queen Creek, was charged and jailed on a misdemeanor count of leaving the scene of a watercraft accident after a recent incident.

According to information from the Lake Havasu City Police, officers arrested Dunn at a nearby campground at 7:48 p.m., Saturday, April 27, after receiving a call from witnesses to the mayhem.

Two people were at the Naked Turtle Bar when they saw a woman, later identified as Dunn, drive a boat into other craft at the docks. They said there was a man in the boat who had tried to get out of it.

But, according to the witnesses, he ended up in the water after she slammed the boat into gear, throwing him from it. He was pulled from the water, she got the boat stopped and tied to the docks.

The witnesses said she left the area without telling anyone what had happened. They told police they had video of the incident and would email it to him.

An officer spoke to the owner of the boat and he said he never gave anyone permission to drive the boat. When shown a photo of Dunn, the owner said he knew her and she had been with his group.

The man said his group was located at the pool and he, along with medics and police, was tending to his wife, who had fallen off the edge of the pool.

When the investigating officer spoke to one of the boat owners, the man said he wanted to make a report due to damage.

The officer then learned the City’s Street Crimes unit had located Dunn at a campground where she was sleeping. After officers took her to the City Jail, the investigator spoke to Dunn and told her there was video footage of the incident that allegedly showed her driving the boat and leaving the scene.

Dunn allegedly said she didn’t remember driving the boat and didn’t remember anything after being at the pool with her friends. Police also said Dunn told them that she had no reason to drive the boat and that she didn’t “have any business” driving a boat and didn’t know how.


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