Havasu Hills Resort LLC is planning to open up a new RV park near the south entrance to The Refuge Golf & Country Club Resort in January.

An RV park is being planned by the owners The Refuge Golf & Country Club Resort, but unlike their ill-fated attempt in 2009, this one has the support of the nearby homeowners. 

Members of The Refuge Property Owners Association sued country club owners Jerry and Cindy Aldridge in 2009 over plans to build a motorcoach resort inside the resort. The Association won its lawsuit and it was upheld on appeal in 2016.

New plans for an RV park outside the country club’s gates, however, are being welcomed by the association’s president.

“We don’t oppose it, to my knowledge, in any way,” said The Refuge HOA President Tom Graybill. “I don’t speak for the whole board and I don’t speak for every homeowner. The main problem with the other one was that the golf course itself was being repurposed. I think that any kind of responsible development outside the gates is terrific.”

Under the banner of the newly-formed Havasu Hills Resort LLC, the Aldridges say the new park will be located just outside the south entrance to The Refuge at 3103 London Bridge Road. The development is expected to include approximately 20 RV sites with plans to open in early 2020 according to an email from Jerry Aldridge.

“The location on the golf course was unacceptable to the HOA,” Aldridge said. “They wanted it outside the gates… So another company is doing an RV project outside the gates where all the other RV projects are on London Bridge Road.”

Graybill said he hadn’t seen any of the plans for the new park.

“I understand that there is a plan that is outside the gates – it is not on the golf course,” Graybill said. “That is perfectly fine. I hope it is beautiful and I hope it successful. The problem that we had before was that the golf course was being repurposed from an Arnold Palmer signature golf course to something else with an RV park and other commercial services. That was the main problem. The people that bought property in The Refuge didn’t buy into an RV park. That is what sparked the litigation.”

Graybill also noted that the HOA doesn’t have an issue with a new storage unit facility that is planned to be built near the north entrance to the community.

The new RV park will be called Havasu Hills Resort at The Refuge. Aldridge said The Refuge refers to both the golf course and the nearby Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge to the north. According to the development’s website, Havasu Hills Resort will include 36-by-75 foot lots, each with electrical hook ups and WiFi. The website also states it is already taking reservations starting in January.

Although the RV park will be the first project for Havasu Hills Resort LLC., Aldridge said they are hoping to embark on more projects around Desert Hills and Lake Havasu City in the future.

“We don’t know what those projects are yet, but we are anticipating additional future projects,” Aldridge said.

Havasu Hills Resort LLC was formed in January 2019.


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They turned an Arnold Palmer designed golf course into just another golf course which they were instructed to restore after they lost their lawsuit, hole four remains as is with RV pads. Now they are creating their nightmare called "Havasu Hills", why not "Desert Hills"? And the location is, just a stones throw from the Adult Book Store, Ye Olde Bawdy Shoppe and Adult City. Talk about a "making a silk purse out of a sows 'ear!"


My question is will the course be returned to what it used to be when the 2nd hole was a par 5.

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