Lake Havasu City officials are expecting the city’s public places to get a lot busier this weekend, with the lifting of Gov. Ducey’s stay-at-home order.

The order, which has been in place since March 31, urged Arizonans to limit their time away from home, and compelled businesses deemed “nonessential” to close until the initial danger of the state’s ongoing coronavirus crisis had passed.

And while the coronavirus still poses a risk to public health, Ducey felt confident in rescinding that order on Friday.

In Havasu, the lifting of the order means public park facilities including restrooms, gathering areas and Tinnell Memorial Skate Park have been reopened to residents and visitors – but social distancing measures are still advised with signage at park locations throughout Havasu.

“I am grateful to all our citizens for doing their part to slow the spread of (coronavirus),” said Havasu Mayor Cal Sheehy this week. “It is vital that we continue to follow the CDC guidelines, including continuing to practice good hygiene, staying at home when sick, maintaining physical distancing and avoiding large groups.”

According to Sheehy, more information about the reopening of Havasu’s city services will be made available to the Havasu public as more details and clarity are provided by state and county officials.

Arizona’s May 15 reopening coincides with “Phase I” of Gov. Ducey’s plans economic recovery measures. Those measures will include promoting physical distancing while encouraging social connections and allowing businesses to gradually and safely open in compliance with federal guidelines, according to city officials.

The Lake Havasu City Aquatic Center is scheduled to reopen for lap swimming only on May 18, as will city administrative lobbies. Any other closures previously announced will remain effective until further notice.

Residents are reminded not to gather in groups of more than 10, while implementing at least six feet of space between them.


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And people wonder why the government tries to set some guidelines. Once again, because we know some people just don't have any common sense, they need child like direction. Happy Cootie Catching.


Or people have common sense. Everyone will get it. People will die. Blame the Chinese. Why should we lose everything . Look at what the blue tsunami has done to California. Please go back. I moved here to get away from libtards. . They move here and bring there liberal crap to my town


Same here. The negative nancies that post here day in and day out ignore there is fewer deaths and cases of Covid in the States that reopened that in the States that continued to be shut down. They also ignore the finding that 66% of the cases in NY were people who stayed in and had no outside contact. Yet among the homeless it was 2%. Thanks to pressure from the WH AZ is finally [slowly] starting to release the source of most of our cases and not a shock - just like in NY they were in nursing homes. We have yet to hear anything cogent about Havasu. If people want to stay prisoned in their homes then go to LA - they plan to stay locked down through August.

Rick Rodriguez

Wow. Social distancing. Not


I guess you must be from California

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