LHC Resource Alliance

LHC Resource Alliance was created to help individuals and businesses weather the storm of the coronavirus pandemic that has surged locally in recent months.

A couple of local businesses started to receive assistance with their bills from Lake Havasu City’s portion of CARES Act funds.

The City Council voted to earmark $250,000 of its share of the CARES money for the Lake Havasu Resource Alliance to use to help local businesses cover their bills like rent and utilities at its meeting on Aug. 25. At the meeting Tuesday Vice Mayor David Lane, who serves as the city’s representative in the alliance, said that the city would be cutting a check for $12,659 to pay the bills of two local businesses.

Lane said the LHC Resource Alliance held their first meeting on Tuesday and he expected the city to cut the first check on Wednesday. He said companies have been reaching out since the council approved the contribution to the alliance.

“We have 12 companies that have made inquiries - we are just waiting on a lot of financial documents,” Lane said. “They all have to provide reasons why they need CARES Act dollars. We are vetting each and every one of those to ensure that it is a covid-related issue and we are going to be able to help the company survive as we go forward.”

Lane said he expects the alliance to approve more requests for aid next week, and promised to keep the City Council updated.

The LHC Resource Alliance includes the city, River Cities United Way, the Lake Havasu Area Chamber of Commerce, the local branch of the Better Business Bureau, and the Havasu Community Health Foundation.


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