The Salvation Army will close its Family Thrift Store in Downtown Havasu later this month.

When Lake Havasu City residents fall on hard times, they sometimes need to make sacrifices. The same is true of at least one charitable organization this month.

The Salvation Army will close its Family Thrift Store in Downtown Havasu later this month. With rising business costs and languishing sales, the organization announced Friday that the store could no longer operate in Havasu.

“The store has been struggling for a number of years to make a profit,” said Salvation Army River Cities Area Coordinator Stephanie Lueras. “Our thrift stores exist to feed back into our social services programs, and we’ve tried everything to boost sales … with the cost of business rising, the store just isn’t putting back into our social service programs what they could.”

According to Lueras, the decision to close the McCulloch Boulevard thrift store wasn’t an easy one, but it was the most fiscally-responsible decision for Salvation Army operations in Havasu. With the overhead costs of its thrift store soon to be gone, Lueras says, the organization will be better able to serve Havasu through its social service programs, such as community food boxes, sack lunches and rental assistance – a service that was discontinued in Havasu about five years ago.

“When people receive eviction notices or find themselves in crisis situations, the Salvation Army can step in and help in some of those instances,” Lueras said. “We’re expecting demand for the program in Havasu … it’s something we’ve seen in social media, and many more people are calling to request assistance.”

According to Lueras, thrift store inventory that will be beneficial to social service clients will be used to create a “clothes closet” that will be maintained at the Salvation Army’s service center at 2049 Swanson Ave. Other items will be sold, with proceeds benefitting the Salvation Army’s local social service programs.

As the organization’s thrift store prepares to close on July 27, the Salvation Army is offering a 50% discount on almost every item, with the exception of $1-marked clothing.

The Salvation Army will continue to recruit volunteers in Havasu, and raise money through kettle-drives and fundraisers throughout the year, Lueras said.

According to Lueras, the organization’s thrift store in Kingman will also be closing this year, but the Salvation Army’s thrift store in Bullhead City will remain. The thrift store in Bullhead City will, as of this year, be the only Salvation Army store in Mohave County.

To learn more about Salvation Army social services, and ways to help, visit LakeHavasuCity.SalvationArmy.org, or contact the organization at 928-680-3678.


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I'm going to miss it. I really missed the old store when they moved. Always found good things at good prices and donated a lot of good things. The volunteers felt like family to me. I also miss Hallmark and Radio Shack.


I volunteered in the store for 3 years and never saw any one from the main office offer help[ or assistance to Michelle . Sad there was not more effort. Too bad the property owner is so greedy.


This makes me incredibly sad. This organization supports those in need, and dollars are crucial. When Goodwill opened their doors, it literally killed the Salvation Army, a true non-profit, and social services organization. What they do for the community is above and beyond what Goodwill will ever do. Goodwill is about jobs, just go buy something, they always ask for you to up it to the full dollar as a "donation" for jobs. Salvation Army's social support includes food, clothing, addiction programs. Do your home work on where you spend your money, and what they actually do for their communities. I will always support Salvation Army, in any manner I can. All those years you were here, I remember when the store was full of customers, before the Goodwill retail store. Goodwill has damaged all the business in town, and now their prices are no better than anyone else. Mind where you spend your dollars!


I just wanted to say that I totally agree with your comment! It is truly sad that the Salvation Army is having to close down as it is truly cares about the people in the communities.

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