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Lorenzo Rios removes old carpet in preparation for installing new carpet tiles in Oro Grande’s library.

The flooring replacement project that began last winter has switched into high gear at most Lake Havasu Unified School District schools, except two.

“Thunderbolt is completely done,” said the district’s Business Services Director Michael Murray. “And Smoketree will be last because a new chiller is being installed at that school right now.”

The $2 million flooring project in all district schools replaces 20-year-old carpet with synthetic carpet tiles that are 

24-inch squares. The new carpet tiles and installation are being paid for with money from 2016’s $49 million bond that was earmarked for capital improvements.

Shaw Industries, based in Phoenix, won the bid for the flooring contract. Every carpeted surface in the school district is being replaced under the terms of the agreement.

On Friday, an installation crew was in the homestretch at Oro Grande Classical Academy on the city’s south side.

“They’ll finish today and Monday at Oro Grande and then start on Nautilus after that,” Murray said. “Jamaica is 85% done. We’ve been working around other activities going on at that school – the Parks & Rec summer program and summer school. Eight classrooms and the front office area remain to be finished.”

At the high school, J Hall was completed during winter break. The Performing Arts Center and the remainder of the school will be outfitted with new flooring before school starts Aug. 5.

Another project that is well underway is the installation of video surveillance systems at all district buildings. The $500,000 project began during spring break.

IP Vision based in Phoenix is handling the project, which includes new systems at all eight school campuses plus the administration complex. The system connects all nine sites and includes 370 new cameras. Previously, the video systems at each school were independent of each other and ranged in functionality from complete failure to operating poorly.

A fair amount of choreography is involved with the carpet and surveillance installations.

“All the installers are trying to coordinate their projects so they can get the jobs done and stay out of each other’s way,” Murray said.


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Why don't we use local businesses and contractors to do this work?


And there he is, whining as usual! Please make note of the fact there was a competitive bidding process. And I can bet you had the district NOT gone with the low bid our friend would be whining about that. As I have said many times,, there is nothing this city does that this guy will not complain about. HINT - MOVE ON!

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