Sheriff Doug Schuster (right) is seeking reelection with a challenge from Kingman-area business owner Mike Gannuscio.

Both candidates for Mohave County Sheriff had comparable war chests heading into the final month of the primary election, but they have financed their campaigns in significantly different ways.

Incumbent Sheriff Doug Schuster used donations from individuals to both outraise and outspend challenger Mike Gannuscio through June 30 and still had $4,788.23 left on hand for the final month of the Aug. 4 primary.

Conversely, Gannuscio’s campaign has been largely self-financed and he still had $3,680.16 left as of June 30. That amount didn’t change much over the next few weeks. In his July Pre-Election Report, Gannuscio had $3,534.94 left on hand on July 18 after raising $2,000 and spending $2,145.22 in the previous 18 days.

Schuster’s July Pre-Election Report was not filed with the Mohave County Elections Department by the July 27 deadline, but he told Today’s News-Herald on Thursday that it would be turned in this week.

Schuster started up his campaign during the fourth quarter of 2019 and raised a total of $27,145 through June 30. All of the money for Schuster’s re-election campaign has come from donors with more than 82 people contributing. Jason Anderson, owner of Anderson Automotive Group, is the largest donor to Schuster’s campaign after giving $6,250. Schuster has also received 11 donations of between $501 and $1,000, 37 donations between $101 and $500, 29 donations between $51 and $100, and three donations of $50 or less. Schuster’s campaign also received an unspecified number of donations totaling less than $50 that amounted to $160 in all.

By the time Gannuscio formed a campaign committee on May 19, Schuster had already raised more than $20,000 for his re-election campaign. Since then Gannuscio has raised $19,823.03 including $16,122.87 which he contributed himself. Gannuscio has also received $3,575 from a total of 13 donors lead by $1,400 from Miquel Torres Jr. who is identified as a Parker resident and a farmer with Desert Green Farms. Gannuscio has also received one donation between $501 and $1,000, three between $101 and $500, four between $51 and $100 and four of $50 or less.

Although Schuster had a large financial advantage heading into the second quarter, the sheriff also garnered more donations than his challenger while they were both fundraising. Schuster’s campaign brought in $6,460 in donations from April 1 through June 30, compared to $3,555 in donations for Gannuscio during the same timeframe.

Schuster has also spent more money than Gannuscio on the campaign trail.

The sheriff had spent $18,940.89 through June 30 while his challenger reported spending $16,288.09 through July 18.


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