Seen in Havasu: Bridge Walker crane helps with lights effort

Brandon Bowers/Today’s News-Herald

Lake Havasu City public works crews use a Bridge Walker crane to replace 700 LED lights on the bridge. The city said the device is one of only three in the world. The LED lights will allow the city to change the color of lights on the bridge with a so-called smart control device. The city set aside $300,000 in the budget to replace the lights in time for the London Bridge’s 50th anniversary ceremony in October.

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". . . the city to change the color of lights on the bridge with a so-called smart control device", which, by the way is the same smart device used to sequentially control those traffic lights on the 95 and ease you on down the road in three shakes of a lamb's tail, better known to happy motorists as the "green wave".


Today's quiz. How many Lake Havasu City public works personnel does it take to replace a light bulb?[beam]


I hope this crane was rented. Not much need for this type of crane in Havasu. Answer 4 not counting the crane operator and traffic control.


From the looks of the picture it appears to be about 4, ha ha.

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