Seen in Havasu: Dixie Belle scheduled for launch next week

The Dixie Belle is drydocked in a Kiowa Boulevard storage yard, where owner Keith Fernung has worked tirelessly to restore the once-prominent Lake Havasu riverboat. A Lake Havasu icon will return to the water next Monday. The Dixie Belle, a 68-ton, 32-foot-tall riverboat, is scheduled for a March 1 launch to its new home near London Bridge Resort. The iconic paddle wheeler originally known as “River Queen” and later renamed “Dixie Belle” operated on Lake Havasu from the early 1980s through 2011, providing daily service to the community, tourists and for private functions. After many years of restoration by owners Fernung and Aaron Ashbaugh, the Belle is, once again, ready to go back into operation. The public will be able to view the arrival of the Dixie Belle to its new dock facility between noon and 2 p.m.

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I hope no Social Justice Woke Warrior comes along and claims that "Dixie Belle" is somehow racist, and demands the name be changed!!


It will only take one "Woke Warrior"! You may want to prepare yourself for the name change.


The only "one" that can change the name is the owner of the vessel. Unless you're referring to it's new parking spot and political implications with the current name.


I'm with you mempepk. First thing I thought about when I read it. Put "Dixie Belle" back in the water, it's been a while.


There are a couple far left liberals that will have something to whine about.

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