Seen in Havasu: Times of the signs

One week after the 2020 General Election, campaign signs continue to mark the intersection of South Palo Verde Boulevard and Lake Havasu Avenue. Now that the 2020 general election is over, the time of the campaign sign will soon come to an end. Some of those signs, often strategically positioned at intersections throughout Lake Havasu City, remained in place Wednesday, one week after the election. Under the city’s ordinance, however, their removal will be required within the next seven days. Under Havasu’s city code, campaign signs may not remain in place for more than 15 days after an election takes place. If any such signs still remain on public property in Havasu, the city’s code enforcement office will respond to reports of such signs and contact candidates to ensure their removal.

The deadline for removing campaign signs from public property or rights of way will be Nov. 18.

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Joe Nobody

Just watch out for the kooks running around and be careful if they see you taking down a certain someone's signs!


Excellent point. DO NOT take it on yourself to remove any Typhoid Donnie trash - leave it to the city to remove, transport and burn. Sadly they will have to wear hazmat suits to avoid COVID exposure.


Good, I'm tired of seeing that loser tRUMP's crap everywhere. I'm glad to see that all of the tRUMP flags in our neighborhood are gone. Arizona Blue 2020! Thank you Chemtrails Kelli!


HG - agreed. And I am proud to see the hundreds of Biden flags - aka the Stars and Stripes - flying in our beautiful blue skies.

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