PHOENIX — Republican Sen. Martha McSally says it was a mistake for state GOP chairman Kelli Ward to write in a fundraising email that the party would stop Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly “dead in his tracks.”

McSally responded to Ward’s email Monday in an interview on Phoenix radio station KTAR.

Ward’s email last week sparked a backlash among Democrats. Kelly’s wife, former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, was shot in the head eight years ago. She survived, and the couple became advocates for gun control.

McSally says she disagrees with Kelly’s views on guns, but she would not have used the words Ward chose. She says she has not talked to Ward.

Ward did not immediately respond to McSally’s interview. She said last week she doesn’t wish Kelly and harm.


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Virtually all I have done for the past few weeks is point out the patently obvious (such as McSally's lies) along with correcting the lack of English suffered by the intellectually challenged in a effort to assist you with bettering yourselves........"in an effort"[rolleyes]


Thank you for pointing out the error. Sorry for any confusion.


It looks like she is turning into a Democrat.


VA172 – Oh, gosh, I must apologize. For some reason – most likely your obsessive attraction to me – you seem to be of the opinion I was attempting to engage in a dialog with you. No, that is not the case. I was simply pointing out that your childish nicknames and obsession with me, along with your pathetic loser cohorts, are just so much blather being spilled into the ether. I suppose I should have made it clear that I will not be engaging with you beyond pointing out your sad command of English. So beyond that, have a pleasant life and seek help.


You obviously don't know the meaning of obsession. I believe all of us so called DOT's wouldn't feel one bit sad if you didn't bless us with your irrational comments. Go take a nap so you can be ready for your 1am finger exercise.


VA, if you don't believe McSally said that you should state it, if she lied call her out on it, don't attack the guy pointing out the obvious.


Show me where I said I believed or didn't believe anything about McSally. I don't have to agree with your bias liberal garbage.


Your curious and weird obsession with me appears to make you incapable of rendering anything other than inane insults. You and the other V have a serious problem that you should have checked out, obsessing over anyone is a sign of mental distress. Virtually all I have done for the past few weeks is point out the patently obvious (such as McSally's lies) along with correcting the lack of English suffered by the intellectually challenged in a effort to assist you with bettering yourselves, and yet all we see here are ridiculous nicknames and stupid comments coming from you and the other V with a smattering of nonsense from Commander Silly Hat (who is so obsessed with me he actually quotes me). I don't know what happened to sad little "COC" (still the most appropriate pseudonym ever to appear here), perhaps he finally imploded. But the important question is why is it that you are unable to actually address a comment with a rational response?




You are absolutely right about the meaning of obsession. You have the same problem with Trump, conservatives and Christians. So by your assessment you have a serious sign of mental distress. You also have a problem with people calling you names. Well, it could just be if you wouldn't call people names you disagree with they wouldn't do it to you. Remember, what goes around comes around. People will treat you the same way you treat them. As far as a response, I cannot give a rational response to an irrational person.

Dawn King

I gotta give McSally credit where credit is due. She called old chem trails on the carpet for making such an asinine comment. Good for her!


Good for you Martha! We don't need the kind of politics that Ward brings, we need leadership in Arizona. Mom used to say, "empty cans makes the most noise", we don't need more petty attacks, using scare tactics, with lame words from angry politicians - we need leaders who are working for Arizona. I still remember listening to Ward yelling about Obama and the democrats taking our guns - I still have my guns and I'm tired of scare tactics by lame brains. Sally I'm closer to voting for you than I was when I thought you were just a part of a political party...


Of course Chemtrails Kelli doesn't want Mark Kelly harmed - just dead! Still waiting on McSally to live up to her promise from last October, remember her saying she’s "leading the fight" to "force insurance companies to cover pre-existing conditions." She is hoping no one will remember that lie.


Why do you always have to post your negative garbage.


Why are you always whining about the truth? People need to know just exactly who these scum are.


Kind of like you. Right?

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