Gabrielle Giffords, Mark Kelly

Former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who was seriously injured in the mass shooting that killed six people in Tucson, Ariz. two years ago, sits with her husband Mark Kelly, on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, and gives an opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on gun violence. Supporters and opponents of stricter gun control measures face off at a hearing on what lawmakers should do to curb gun violence in the wake of last month's shooting rampage in Newtown, Ct., that killed 20 schoolchildren. 

Mark Kelly, the candidate for U.S. Senate in 2020, will be in Lake Havasu City on Sept. 20 for a meet and greet event from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Quality Inn located at 271 S. Lake Havasu Avenue.

Kelly is running in the 2020 special election as a democrat for the seat previously held by the late Sen. John McCain. Republican Martha McSally was appointed by Governor Doug Ducey to fill McCain’s seat after former Senator Jon Kyl resigned the position on Dec. 31, 2018. McSally is also planning to run in the 2020 special election.

Kelly is from Tucson. He is a retired U.S. Navy Captain and astronaut, and the husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords. In 2013, Kelly and his wife co-founded Giffords, with the stated goal of reducing gun violence throughout the country.


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Dawn King

Turned out to be a great meet & greet with future US Senator, Mark Kelly this morning. There were a handful of maga-hatted folks across from the hotel holding up a "spanky bone spurs 2020" flag. One of them, a woman wearing a red hat and spanky shirt, managed to slither into the meeting to take pictures/videos. Don't know what that was all about. She didn't appear to like it much when Senator Kelly stated, that as an astronaut, he can verify that planet earth is actually round! All joking aside, McSally is going to be facing a very challenging senate race.


So many comments and yet I have no idea what he stands for? What policies would he support? What legislation would he introduce? What agencies/groups endorse his candidacy? What is his position on the national debt? What are his positions on the provision contained in the New Green Deal?

Aren't these things even important anymore? Just saying.


Here's a link to his issues platform;


Thank you HavasuGuy. Read some of the positions and some seem a little light on 'how it can be done'. But generally a good start.


I voted for Martha McSally, wish I didn't. She outright lied about what she stood for and disgraced Arizona in her testimony in front of the senate panel. I'll vote for anyone other than her.


Funny how the DOT's take great pain to point out how democrats may have made money but completely ignore the liar and chief and all the bankruptcy's.

Mr Lemons

You'll be hard-pressed to find the word "Democrat" on his campaign website, and he became a Democrat in 2018. It will be interesting to see how he weaves and ducks from statements made by the current crop of socialists running to be the Democrat Presidential candidate. Mr Kelly seems to exploit his second wife, Gabby. He's now worth $10 to $23 million based on his financial disclosures. His speaking engagement fees skyrocketed, so to speak, after his wife was almost killed. Along with his wife, their non-profit Giffords PAC spent $2 million against McSally when she was running for congress. I'm all for people making money, ethically, but looking into what he's done since his wife was shot and his current policies views, I believe he's a hypocrite. I know. A politician that's a hypocrite. Who would have guessed?


Ahh, look at the little DOT, terrified of the big bad Democrat! Or is he just jealous? Who knows, when it comes to DOT's they are a weird and confused bunch. On and BTW, it's "policy".

Mr Lemons

You're projecting again. Oh and BTW, it's "Oh." Also, punctuation always goes inside the quote mark. It should read "policy." I thought you used to be an editor. You're forgiven.


Lemonhead, I appreciate your pointing out my errors. I admit my ire at your ridiculous, unsubstantiated trash resulted in my failure to proofread my comments. And thank you for your forgiveness that is so very important to me.


Mr. Lemons, our Rovr is particularly nasty this morning! He must be having a bad day with his “shrapnel” and set off a metal detector someplace? I wonder if the Rovr, HG[batman], and DK are planning an outing to attend Mr. Kelly’s event and hear about his plan for Nation wide gun confiscation? Rovr, hope the rest of your day goes better! [thumbup][beam] Commander DOT


I agree with you Me Lemons, just don't mind the rovr as you can tell that person is real slow and only knows how to cut n paste.


"Mr" - "HwyRovr" - "and"


ok miss rovr....

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