Bat Island

A transient who is known locally as “Terry” had been living at what is called Bat Island until Wednesday when Mohave County Sheriff’s deputies evicted him.

An island off the coast of Body Beach was home to a single resident until Wednesday, when he was evicted by deputies of the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.

The small island, adorned with palm trees and thick brush, is known by locals as “Bat Island.” About 30 yards from Havasu’s shore, locals might not describe the location as habitable. But deputies recently received reports of a homeless man who had taken up residence at the location.

“Reports were that the subject had (moved) a significant amount of property on the island,” said Mohave County Sheriff’s Sgt. Kyler Cox. “Deputies responded to the island and made contact with the transient, who is known locally.”

The man was not identified by law enforcement officials Wednesday, but has been referred to as “Terry” by Havasu residents on social media.

According to Cox, Bat Island’s transient resident made efforts to clean the area while occupying the location. Cox says personal items belonging to “Terry” were actively being put into a storage unit, and the island’s beaches had been raked and manicured prior to deputies’ arrival.

Cox says that deputies are now working with the Arizona State Trust Land Commission to further clean the island, and are taking precautions to prevent transient or other residents from occupying the island again.


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Terry is the guy that can be seen in the channel with his sailing canoe. He has been known to clean up the beaches in the channel. I have heard he is a nice guy....


Shameful headline. People everywhere are doing the best they can, against challenges you don't know about and can only imagine. What happened to "I was homeless and you sheltered me"? I am disappointed, even appalled, at uncharitable attitudes in Havasu. Mask up, be kind.


Be kind, yes. Wear a muzzle, no.......

Old Engineer

Great headline!

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