The ribbon cutting of the 2018 Sleepless in Havasu event.

For one night every year, dozens of Lake Havasu City residents stay the night at a local business. They rest on comfortable beds, swathed in their best pajamas as they stay awake far past their bedtimes. The event could almost be mistaken for a sleepover – but there’s no sleeping allowed.

Michael Alan Furniture & Design is hosting its 11th annual Sleepless for a Cure event to support breast cancer awareness. According to General Manager Vanessa Liesen, participants have already signed up to join the event and are expected to begin decorating the beds this morning. The participants will be treated to food and drinks donated from Havasu businesses while participating in raffles, auctions and the event’s annual bed-decorating contest.

The community is encouraged to come in, Liesen said, where they’ll be able to vote for their favorite beds and participate in the event’s silent auction. All proceeds from the event are donated to support the Cancer Association of Havasu’s low-cost, early-detection mammogram programs, and the event’s supporters have been generous over the past decade. The event has raised more than $300,000 since it began in 2008, and Liesen hopes to raise an additional $50,000 this weekend.

“The community has supported us by donating food and auction items, or by pledging to stay up all night with us,” Liesen said. “Every year there’s an outpouring of people who want to give us their support. Sometimes I don’t even know how they heard about it, but every year I’m blown away by the amount of community support we get.”

Participating businesses this year include corporate sponsors TD Retail Services and Furniture, Serta Simmons Bedding, and Ashley Furniture.

The event begins at 6 a.m. at Michael Alan Furniture & Design, at 2010 Acoma Blvd. Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy is expected to issue a proclamation for the event at the ribbon cutting ceremony at 4:30 p.m.


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