A recent spike in drug overdoses, some due to counterfeit pills, continued this week, leaving one 15-year-old on life support as of Thursday afternoon.

On Monday, Lake Havasu City police warned the community of an increase in overdoses and the discovery of “illegally manufactured counterfeit pills.” LHCPD officers have responded to at least half a dozen calls over the past few weeks involving unresponsive subjects who ingested a pill that wasn’t prescribed to them, according to the press release.

No deaths related to the counterfeit pills have been confirmed as of Thursday afternoon, Gray said, crediting the use of Narcan and performance of immediate lifesaving measures. The Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office also confirmed that no overdose deaths have been reported as of Thursday afternoon.

After the notice was published, police have responded to two more overdoses, both on Monday evening.

In one case, a 15-year-old child was found unresponsive at a motel in the 2100 block of Birch Square. Counterfeit pills were found at the scene, and Narcan — Naloxone nasal spray — was administered. According to Sgt. Tom Gray, the juvenile is currently on life support.

After the incident occurred Monday evening, another overdose was reported. Narcan was also administered to an adult female, who is expected to make a full recovery, Gray said. It is unknown if counterfeit pills were involved.

In the past 30 days, 13 criminal arrests or citations have been made in the 2100 block of Birch Square, according to police records. Seven of those have happened since Sunday, including arrests or citations made for possession of dangerous drugs and transportation of narcotics. Three suspects were arrested within the last 30 days for possession of narcotics. One was arrested Wednesday for transportation of narcotics. Three assaults have also been reported at the location within the past month.

After being treated, multiple overdose subjects admitted to ingesting pills from an unknown source, police said. In some cases, counterfeit Xanax or Percocet pills were found near the overdose scene. These pills, while they might look legitimate, can be laced with other dangerous substances, such as fentanyl — a powerful opioid that can be fatal in small doses.

No overdose incidents have been reported at any Havasu schools, according to Gray. The district also sent LHCPD’s press release to all families and on their website. Aggie Wolter, Lake Havasu Unified School District director of special services, said district and high school administrators are working closely with school resource officers to address the issue.

An investigation into the source of the pills is ongoing, and Gray said this is a statewide trend.


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" 3toedwilly Sep 26, 2020 10:34am - I see the moron is back from the desert....sad"

What was trump doing in the desert?


Trump said he was going to fix the drug problem. Nope.


Can't have it both ways - you want the wall or don't want the wall - one of the major reasons for the wall is the drug issue. If you have paid attention there has been multiple major busts made on the AZ border in the last few months - remember the two Canadian Truck drivers caught on I40 with a truckload of drugs - what did our local judge to? Turned them loose! Before you blame Trump start at the local level the judges being lenient on drug dealers for one. All the locals when there is a bust crying - oh but he/she is such a nice person and doesn't belong in jail. We have a drug culture, but it has been made worse by the locksdowns - in Arizona as well as the other States with draconian lockdowns, Drug use, alcohol use child abuse, spousal abuse and suicides have all spiked. And, BTW Fentanyl is flowing into Mexico from CHINA. The sooner we cover the entire border with a wall to funnel everything into the border crossing stations, the better. But, most of all blame the people who drive this market in their quest for illicit drugs. Clearly we have a problem at the location this 15-year-old overdosed. Sounds like the police are trying to find the big dog providing the drugs to the lower level people pushing them - sort of like the issue here many years ago with a high level heroin dealer who was providing to the lower level sellers in town... and guess who was President then!!! Not Trump. And, no demographic or age group is safe from this. Parents need to talk to their kids about drugs and not taking drugs from strangers or even friends - or anyone!


WOW! Look at all those words and not a coherent sentence in the bunch! As to The Wall, President Biden will see to it that either Mexico pays for it - as the moron promised - or he will stop stealing money from our troops to pay for it. You want the wall, set up up a GoFundMe!


I see the moron is back from the desert....sad


The only thing trump has fixed is his lagging pocketbook, all at the expense of the American taxpayer. Just another of the many, many promises he failed to keep.

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