Leo Biasiucci

Leo Biasiucci

For the third year in a row, State Rep. Leo Biasiucci (R-Lake Havasu City) is pushing to restore a once-popular grant program for waterfront communities throughout the state.

House Bill 2374 would make changes to how the State Lake Improvement Fund is allowed to be spent in order to permanently restore the SLIF grant program. Biasiucci’s past efforts have resulted in one-time appropriations for the state that has been used to temporarily restore the grants in Fiscal Year 2021-22, and again this year. But in order for SLIF grants to continue beyond this fiscal year, further legislative action is required.


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Havasu Guy

Trying to undo the damage that was done by past republican legislators which altered both programs because of their big government control in Phoenix.

Bob Lablaw

You have to admit that the 2008 recession caused a lot of things to be changed. That was the Obama recession and, according to the story, SLIF monies were needed in other areas. At least this guy, a Republican, has tried to make things right again. Can't you ever just comment without trying to slam Republicans?

Havasu Guy

I just wanted readers to know the whole story, facts that the paper doesn't want to print which might offend their reading base.

If the monies where needed in other areas, why weren't they returned after the need was gone?

I have no problem with Leo working to make it right, I'm just frustrated that most of the work he is doing is to return to past agreements that republicans took away.

In Arizona, big government has been the republicans!


[batman], please provide an example of “facts that the paper doesn't want to print which might offend their reading base.” That’s a fairly strong allegation to make about this newspaper, without providing some proof! Or is this just another example of you talking out of the lower end of your digestive tract, which is usually the case? [thumbdown][tongue][love][thumbdown][smile][wink] Deaton

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