Several sections of State Route 95 in need of pavement repair

The Lake Havasu Metropolitan Planning Organization has identified several sections of State Route 95 that are in need of pavement repair.

State Route 95 could get new pavement throughout the city and beyond if a proposed bill passes in the state Legislature.

HB 2834, introduced by Rep. Leo Biasiucci and backed by Rep. Regina Cobb and Sen. Sonny Borrelli, would essentially set aside $25 million from the state’s general fund in Fiscal Year 2020-20201 for the Arizona Department of Transportation to repave SR-95 from Interstate 40 to SARA Park.

“I think every single resident of Lake Havasu can agree that Highway 95 is in terrible condition,” Biasiucci said. “Looking at the data, the repaving of this stretch of Highway 95 has not been properly repaved in 20 years.”

That is simply “unacceptable,” he said. “Since ADOT has not made repaving this stretch of highway a priority, it is my duty as your District 5 Representative to step in and do something about it.”

Lake Havasu Metropolitan Planning Organization Director Vincent Gallegos said that pavement condition is the majority of feedback that the MPO receives.

“Everyone has a pothole story, whether it’s along SR-95 or on residential roads,” Gallegos said. “It always comes up in conversations with the community.”

One of the rough patches often pointed out by residents is near the intersection of Kiowa Avenue and SR-95.

“The pavement is basically deteriorating,” Gallegos said. The MPO has already been having conversations with ADOT about the highway’s condition, he said, so Biasiucci’s bill is “right in line with those conversations.”

Pavement has also been prioritized in the MPO’s Regional Transportation Plan, which outlines improvements and plans in place for the area until 2040. According to Gallegos, there are “several segments” along SR-95 that are rated as poor or only fair in condition.

Biasiucci just introduced the bill on Monday, and as of Tuesday, the bill was assigned to the Transportation, Appropriation and Rule committees, according to the state Legislature’s website (

If the bill were to be approved, Biasiucci’s ideal timeline would have the project completed “by the end of next year, if not sooner.”

ADOT Assistant Communication Director for Public Information Steve Elliot told the News-Herald that “ADOT can’t comment on matters involving pending legislation or appropriations.”


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Repaving would be nice, but a center divider from the airport to Palo Verde North would be better. That's where all the head-ons occur. Perhaps both.

Jimmy Was

Potholes? You don't know potholes! I'm from NJ and that's a state that has a pothole problem. To me, these roads are near perfect. [wink]


I agree Jimmy, NJ, MA, CN, roads due suck in comparison to LHC. However, we could still use a little love from the State Capitol on road maintenance outside of Maricopa County.


To our representatives Leo, Regina, and Sonny thank you for this proposal! But really, highway maintenance outside of Maricopa and Pima Counties, unthinkable. Those rural rubes of flyover Arizona are still using mule drawn freight wagons! What we need is a new “Sports Arena” in Tucson, that’s the ticket, that will get us re-elected! [thumbup][beam]


The entire city needs new asphalt!!!!!! Sad to see the city roads in such horrible condition. Rock and Seal is not new pavement.

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