New traffic light

The traffic light at State Route 95 into the planned Havasu Riviera development won’t be operational until next year.

Although progress at Havasu Riviera remains hard to gauge for the average citizen, taking place behind rolling desert hills and down an unopened road, city officials are saying that the project appears to be on track since it resumed in August.

Although the stoplight at the future entrance to the park has already been in place for about a year, it has remained dark. But UniSource is expected to have power run to the traffic signal by the end of March or early April.

“We hope to have that done right around the end of the first quarter where we will then have power and we will be able to turn it on – that doesn’t mean that we are going turn it on,” Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy told the Colorado River Building Industry Association at its monthly meeting on Wednesday.

Sheehy said the light will likely remain off, with the road closed signs still in place, as a safety precaution even after the signal receives power.

“We will only turn on the light when it makes sense,” Sheehy said. “Right now there is nothing out there to see and there is all this heavy equipment so it doesn’t make any sense to allow citizens to go out there.”

The signal is expected to be turned on in time for the official opening of the boat launch ramp, which Sheehy said is also still on track for this summer. Sheehy said the main determining factor for turning on the light will be when the heavy machinery is finished with its work, mitigating safety concerns with mixing construction equipment with local traffic.

Housing in the Riviera is also continuing to progress as planned. Sheehy said Desert Land Group is on pace to start selling homes in the area this spring.


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Yup our Mayor is correct. There is no need for the light to be operationals until the boat ramp is ready to open. Good call Mr. Mayor.

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