Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward, and Sen. Vince Leach, R-Tucson, led the rally in front of Congressman Tom O’Halleran’s, D-Ariz., office in Casa Grande.

CASA GRANDE — Arizona Republicans opposed to an impeachment inquiry into President Trump on Tuesday joined a nationwide protest of Democratic members of Congress, saying it was time to “stop the madness.”

“We want them to stop the insanity, we want our state to focus on governing,” said Trump supporter Glenda Bird, who was among 30 to 40 people carrying signs and shouting slogans in front of the office of U.S. Rep. Tom O’Halleran, D-Casa Grande. He supports the House impeachment inquiry into Trump’s dealings with Ukraine, which have been the subject of a whistleblower’s complaint and several congressional hearings.

“Stop the madness that we’ve seen from the Democrat party again and again,” said Kelli Ward, who chairs the state GOP. “Ever since November 2016, they’ve gone crazy. They expected (special counsel Robert) Mueller to deal a deathblow to the president, and now they are at their wits’ end.”

The crowd cheered. The rallies around the country targeted members of Congress who represent swing districts, including Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick, D-Tucson.

Not everyone in the crowd supported Trump; a handful of people showed up to applaud O’Halleran’s stand.

The rallies came the same day as the standoff between Republicans and Democrats in Washington ratcheted up the standoff. Trump vowed not to cooperate with the inquiry in a letter to Democrats and blocked Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, from speaking to investigators. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called it an “abuse of power,” according to the New York Times.

“As a former homicide investigator, I know that hard facts and evidence matter,” O’Halleran said in a statement last month. Congress needs to look into the facts to determine whether impeachment is called for while still paying attention to other issues affecting Americans, he added.

Ward said whistleblowers in the impeachment inquiry should be called “leakers” and reiterated her support for Trump’s “desire to expose corruption around the world,” in reference to his suggestion that China should investigate Joe and Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukraine. According to news reports, the Bidens have done nothing illegal.

State Sen. Vince Leach, R-Tucson, praised Trump’s handling of the economy and immigration issues, including the border wall.

“It’s the best economy we’ve had in years, the lowest unemployment rate in years,” he said. “Every hour, every minute, there are sex traffickers, there are drugs and there are wicked people crossing the border who want to harm us.”

Leach criticized Congress and representatives like O’Halleran for not taking action on issues Trump wants to tackle.

“Where was Congress? Trump built the wall, he found the money,” Leach said. “Where is O’Halleran? Nowhere to be found.”

Casa Grande resident Boots Hawke chanted to the crowd, “Make Congress take a vote!”

“I like that,” Leach replied.

An impeachment vote in the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives would not remove a president from office; that requires two-thirds of the 100 senators to vote for conviction. Republicans hold a 51-47 majority in the Senate, with two independent senators who caucus with Democrats.

A few Democratic protesters made their voices heard at the rally.

Deborah Burdett applauded O’Halleran for “seeing past alt-facts” and implored Trump to be more transparent.

“For too long we’ve been living in a world of alt-facts. To Tom, I would say ‘Bravo’ for studying the facts,” Burdett said. “I want to ask Trump, ‘Where’s his conscience?’ I would ask him to speak honestly.”

Ralph Atchue, treasurer of the Democrats of Casa Grande, described O’Halleran, who represents Arizona Congressional District 1, as a “moderate who’s willing to work across the aisle.”

“You don’t get elected in Casa Grande by being a radical leftist; this is a conservative area,” Atchue said.

Trump supporter Ashley Davis, hoisting a large flag and parading in front of O’Halleran’s office, criticized how Democratic politicians treat the border-wall issue.

“We are a border state, and politicians like him should understand how important that is. When I’ve been asking these Democrat protesters around here, they can’t come with anything to defend O’Halleran,” Davis said.

“I’ve heard this said before, ‘Some of these people hate Trump more than they love America.’ ”


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Bob says that it was a debate thus it is a debate. I won is all that matters!


Oh "Bob" (another of your invisible friends) said it? Now enlighten us, exactly what did you WIN?


Now that I've won the debate I believe I'll rest on my laurels.


There was no debate, stupid. What a sad little man you are.




The correct spelling is actually "rapport". I misspelled it on purpose knowing you wouldn't have a clue. Bob was right about you.


No stupid: "repor"


All right, dummy, which is it "rapport" or "repor?" And to think you have a

"friend" is as funny as 500,000 people showing up at Loserpalooza.


What is the problem with an Impeachment process? It is the only way to find out what the truth is. Who's afraid of the truth or doesn't want the American citizens to know the truth? Chemtrails Kelly is ganging up with her 30 - 40 supporters to protest getting to the truth? Is this the same 30 - 40 people that showed up in Golden Valley for the trumplossa KKK party last weekend?


I showed my friend, Bob (not his real name), the back and forth repor that I've been having with Democrats this past month regarding our president. Bob says that I was debate winner on day one. Bob would know as he's a former shop steward. According to Bob, whenever opponents start making personal accusations along with below the belt insinuations, you have them on the ropes. "On the ropes" is a boxing term for those not knowing. Bob said that I "shucked & jived" my way through the talks without taking a significant hit. I told him that those folks coming after me lacked the reflexes, dexterity, poise, intelligence, and wit needed to bring this old man down. Bob agreed. He said that they were definitely "outclassed" in the thinking department. I wouldn't go that far but then again Bob has never been wrong. I told my pal that I used the old "rope a dope" trick that Muhammad Ali made famous. Bob said that it worked to perfection with this group. I have to agree.




Impeachment in the United States is the process by which the lower house of a legislature brings charges against a civil officer of government for crimes alleged to have been committed, analogous to the bringing of an indictment by a grand jury. ... The impeached official remains in office until a trial is held

Transcripts in hand they have nothing another hoax just like Russia. A.G. Barr is coming!


Oops, you made an error - A. G. Barr is GOING. See Meese from the Nixon debacle.


This has nothing to do with Meese from the Nixon debacle, It has everything to do with the Schiff debacle.


Oik, oink says Little Squealy.


You can even spell oink. Pathetic.


So, what is wrong with holding the process in front of the American voters and letting the evidence be presented?


I have to agree with you. But the Dems had better be 100% sure this is going to work for them and not being another Mueller disaster. We all know that didn't work and this time it looks to be on pretty shaky ground.


Little Squealy and his usual oink, oink.

Mr Lemons

The "process" is not being held in front of the American voters. According to the New York Post, "Democrats are deposing witnesses behind closed doors and denying Republicans fair time to ask questions and the right the right to call their own witnesses. They won't even release full interview transcripts. Instead, they're leaking negative information and withholding favorable facts: Feeding anti-Trump media to repeat slanted interpretations."

happy coot

How will we know if the impeachment hearings are a hoax,witchhunt or kangaroo court as long as the white house refuses to allow officials to testify about what they know and when. their refusal to testify has a remedy in the constitution cite them for contempt of congress and lock them up.




I agree! What is wrong with finding out what the truth really is?


I just sent Trump, McConnell, and Graham more money to fight the impeachment hoax. I'm sure millions of other patriotic Republicans have done the same. I hear Trump's war chest is several billion dollars. Let's dig deep and double that!


You are truly and honestly dumber than a box of Palin's! Say, what can you buy with that coin? Oh, yeah NOTHING, good investment, Simple.


Attaboy, I'd be ashamed to show that coin as well.


Republiscums would be better off if they actually did something to stop the idiocy of the lying, draft-dodging, racist, coward squatting in our White House.


Good for them!

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