Lake Havasu Avenue and Swanson Avenue intersection

Contractors work on the median near the intersection of Lake Havasu Avenue and Swanson Avenue Monday afternoon. City officials said they expect paving work to be done at all three intersections, including Swanson and McCulloch, by the end of day Friday.

City contractors completed construction at three major intersections on Lake Havasu Avenue ahead of schedule, but the job isn’t finished yet.

Stop lights at the intersections of Lake Havasu Avenue and Swanson Avenue, McCulloch Boulevard and Mesquite Boulevard have flickered red for much of this year, forcing traffic to a stop-and-go pace through the heart of Lake Havasu City. According to City Manager Jess Knudson, however, those lights are expected to resume normal function by the end of next week.

Knudson says that pavement and utility projects for the intersections was completed May 24, in advance of the Memorial Day holiday. Work continues, however, as the city installs and improves decorative crosswalks at each intersection.

“The crosswalks are completed, but we are working with the contractor to improve the look of the crosswalks,” Knudson said Wednesday.

The completion of crosswalks at each intersection will be the last step in a renovation project that began early this year. To date, the project has included replacement of utility infrastructure beneath the roadway, repaving and new medians on London Bridge Road.


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I was at the construction site today. I just got a good laugh at Mesquite and Lake Havasu Avenue. I was making a right turn onto Mesquite to get to the highway. I was the fourth one to arrive at the intersection. The other three were just looking at each other trying to decide who's turn it was> I waited for 3 seconds and turned. These idiots were still trying to figure out who's turn it was while I was waiting for the turn signal at the highway. Just so funny.


I've noticed the same thing at virtually every four-way stop in town. Amazing how many people do not understand the simple rules of the road.


Well......yesterday they were raising manhole covers and water valve boxes to really not done yet. That's part of the job they are doing!




It will be over when it’s over.


Kudos for the great work and the new, safer roadway that curiously did not have the hundreds of crashes, maimings and debris field as predicted by a pre-reporter.


Let us not forget the schedule! It was to be COMPLETE the week before Memorial Day! Hello! McFly!!! Kudo's!?? Don't look now "bright eyes", it is June 14th!!!!

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