black friday

Parking lots were packed on Friday at many local stores and shopping centers as many residents took advantage of annual Black Friday sales, which kicked off Thursday evening and continued on Friday.

Parking lots were packed and every checkout manned at stores throughout Lake Havasu City for Black Friday.

Perhaps the business single shopping day of the year saw some residents take advantage of a day off while others slipped away from work on their lunch break to grab a deal too good to pass up. But shoppers at several stores throughout town said the waits were relatively short as businesses greeted the crowds with lots of open checkout lines.

Walmart employee Geri Brooks said she worked when the store officially kicked off its Black Friday event at 6 p.m. on Thursday. She said there was such a big initial rush of customers on Thanksgiving that many of the shelves were nearly bare before trucks started coming in to restock.

“It was a lot of fun. It really was,” Brooks said. “Everybody was very friendly and very nice. They got along smoothly, it was just herding traffic in and out.”

Joanne and Brett Anton said they purposely avoided the early rush, but were already out and about by mid-morning Friday. So they decided to stop in to Kmart to check out the sales.

“We were surprised that there wasn’t better deals since the store is closing and it’s Black Friday,” Brett Anton said. “They did have a few things that were pretty good deals.”

Brett said the best deal they found was on a new dog bed, while Joanne was excited about a new pair of scottie pajamas.

Corky Friesz also found a way to avoid the worst of the Black Friday rush.

“The girls went out last night. We stayed home and drank beer,” he said.

Friesz said he already took advantage of an online Black Friday sale for a soundbar last week. His son found a deal for a TV online Friday morning so they went out to Walmart to pick it up, stopping at Lowes for a couple drill sets on the way.

“I usually have to work on Friday’s, but I had this Friday off so I thought I would go out with the guys and pick up a TV – because I am the one with a truck,” he said.


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