This rendering of Riverwalk displays each unit’s townhouse style and design. Built Well Construction describes it as “elegant, classy and hip.”

Swanson Avenue will soon see more condos popping up.

The Riverwalk condo project received preliminary approval Wednesday by the Lake Havasu City Planning and Zoning Commission. Adjacent to the Pima Wash and across from Wings Loop, the new residential units will be located at 2042 Swanson Avenue.

Riverwalk will feature 12 to 13 residential units in a townhouse design, with a 30-foot deep garage at the bottom of each unit and two additional levels above. The second level will include living space, such as the kitchen, master bedroom and living room, and the third level will include a loft and a half-bath.

This project is part of Built Well Construction’s Tiny Homes Collection. Rachael Atkinson, owner of Destination Havasu, explained that this collection is geared toward a younger generation of homebuyers and those searching for more affordable options.

“We want to bring back traditional affordable housing to Havasu,” she said. For newly married couples or perhaps young families, these homes allow for affordability and room to grow and stay awhile, as an example.

It wasn’t immediately clear how much the condos would sell for.

Construction is expected to begin quickly after the foundations for Esperanza Condos are laid, which is a project similar to Riverwalk on Lake Havasu Avenue. “You’ll notice that everything will move pretty quickly for Riverwalk,” Atkinson said.

This collection is constantly evolving, Atkinson said. “We love to hear the public’s input and use that to make the next project even better.” Places like these are “desperately needed” in Havasu, she said.

The building plans are currently under review, and the project sits on about half an acre.

There is an active waiting list. For those who would like more information or would like to be included on that list, please contact 928-680-8157.


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In defense of this nice news article, all real estate, is sold or rented for the amount of money that the market demands, Builders developers and owners DO not set the price the public does

Shame on people who post negative comments to news articles that are hardworking paper takes the time to publish


All the nice words for people looking for housing. What is the definition of "Affordable Housing"? Constructed for "young people? with what minimum salary requirement? Appears as though someone is speaking out of both sides of their mouth and why is there no waiting list.

Can Of Corn

Have to agree with you on that. Will the new housing be priced to local wages? Doubt it. They will be bought up by the elite, and rented out for double their worth.

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