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Hospice of Havasu employees (from left) Audrey Fuller, Mary Lomberto and Beth Biehn discuss plans for the organization’s “Transitions” program. “Transitions” is a service provided to patients who may require long term medical or home care, provided by nonprofit organization Hospice of Havasu.

Nonprofit organizations have grown into a major contributor to Arizona’s economic development, according to a recent study by the Arizona Community Foundation.

The report found that Arizona’s nonprofit sector has grown, and so has its contribution to the state’s economy.


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Leanne Pleshek

Not a good sign. Most people praise non-profits under the guise of doing good, yet don't realize the financial impact falls on the backs of tax payers. This should be a major concern because citizens may not agree with what some of these non-profits do yet they benefit off the tax payers back. Also, it should be a major concern they are in fifth place when it comes to employers meaning they are rising, just like government jobs, in a nation that should not need them or big government. This just goes to show America is weakening very rapidly.

Aaron Ashbaugh

Mountain queen, these non profits are paying taxes, to the local and state government, they are not paying federal taxes. Just like the big corporations. The big difference is they are not putting the profits into there own pockets they are putting it back into the community. My own non profit employees the disabled, giving them a job skill that takes them off of state aid. Saving you the tax payer money. My pay for the yr is under 20k and I work 50 plus hrs a week to run the non profit, I can go back to a profit company fire 3 people cut the other 4 to part time and put them all back on welfare if that will make you happy. And my federal taxe bill will go up to about 4grand, will less then the 48, 000. The 7 of them will draw from welfare.

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