Two Kingman residents were arrested Sunday morning after they were allegedly reported for suspicious activity. According to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, deputies found the two suspects – identified as Marty B. Tisdale, 39, and Jacquelyn N. Willging, 28, in a parked SUV. When deputies approached the vehicle, the report said, Tisdale and Willging switched seats.

A deputy asked Tisdale and Willging for identification, which both said they didn’t have. According to the report, Tisdale and Willging gave false names when asked, which was allegedly revealed through a records check at the scene. The deputy attempted to detain Tisdale, the report said, when the deputy saw Tisdale attempt to conceal an item on the vehicle’s floorboard between the front seats. The deputy drew his weapon and ordered Tisdale to show his hands, the report said, and Tisdale refused.

After a brief standoff, Tisdale showed deputies his hands, which were empty. A deputy allegedly saw a capped syringe in the floorboard where Tisdale’s hand had been.

Deputies ordered Tisdale and Willging from the vehicle, and both were searched for weapons. Tisdale was allegedly warned that if he attempted to run or to fight with deputies, a K9 unit at the scene – identified by the name, Bruno – would be used to apprehend him.

A deputy told Tisdale that he would be arrested for rendering false information to law enforcement officers. According to the report, Tisdale ran back toward the SUV and jumping through the passenger’s side. Tisdale was ordered to leave the vehicle, but was instead seen reaching under the vehicle’s driver’s seat. After several more commands to exit the vehicle, the report said, Bruno was released.

Bruno leaped into the SUV, and attempted to apprehend Tisdale, the report said. After a brief struggle, Tisdale surrendered, and exited the vehicle.

As a deputy approached to detain Tisdale, the report said, Tisdale rolled toward the deputy in an aggressive manner. Bruno, who is trained in handler protection, allegedly saw the motion as a threat and pounced Tisdale before he was taken into custody.

Deputies allegedly saw that the capped syringe, observed earlier, was missing after the struggle with Tisdale. Willging allegedly admitted to hiding the syringe when asked. Both suspects were transported to Mohave County Jail without further incident.

Tisdale was charged with tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, and five active arrest warrants. Willigig was charged with tampering with evidence.


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