Concert goers mug for the camera during a 2015 SWAT spring break concert. 

A lot of work goes into planning the perfect spring break getaway – and that rule doesn’t just apply to college students.

Summer Winter Action Tours is returning to Lake Havasu City after a three-year absence. The company organized Spring Break events and festivities in Lake Havasu City for about 20 years before departing Havasu in 2017.

“I love it in Havasu,” said SWAT President TJ Jaenichen on Friday. “The people are really open, and we’ve learned a lot from each other over the years. We’re hoping to make it better … I never wanted to leave in the first place. It was just the economy.”

The company moved its spring break festivities to Rosarito Beach in Baja, California, due to rising costs and noise complaints. Now that SWAT has consolidated with U.K.-based travel promoter Pollen, however, SWAT President TJ Jaenichen says his company could have room to grow once more in Havasu.

“We’re working incredibly hard to come back,” Jaenichen said. “In these troubled times we’re figuring how to do it, and we’re working to put together a product that’s great for customers and residents. Right now we’re working with the London Bridge Resort and Quality Inn … The Nautical is under new management since we worked with them in the past, but we hope to work with them again later.”

According to Jaenichen, he and his company are working on ways to streamline SWAT’s return to Havasu for Spring Break 2021, while addressing complaints raised by Havasu residents in the past over noise issues.

“We’ve been gone three years,” Jaenichen said. “My understanding is that spring break hasn’t been the same in Havasu since then.”

Jaenichen says he hopes to bring not only spring break festivities to Havasu, but year-round travel as well.

“We’re contacting hotels and securing our itinerary,” Jaenichen said. “I’m personally committing to five years in Havasu … the negotiations are done, and everything should be finished in the next week or two.”

Lake Havasu City tourism officials welcomed the possibility of SWAT’s return.

With the departure of JusCollege after 2019’s spring break festivities, 2020 was the first year in almost two decades without professionally organized spring break activities for visiting university students in Havasu.

“We didn’t have the number of college spring breakers that we had in previous years,” said GoLakeHavasu President Terence Concannon. “A lot of these hotels create activities and cater to spring breakers, and when they don’t come, those hotels lose money during slower spring break years. It’s nice to have (SWAT) come back. They’ve done this for many, many years, and god willing, if the crisis ends, we’ll have as strong a spring break as we’ve had in a long time.”

According to Concannon, SWAT officials approached GoLakeHavasu earlier this summer to arrange their return. GoLakeHavasu has agreed to work with the organization and advertise Havasu as a viable option for countless spring breakers throughout the U.S.

“I hope they can provide a strong spring break, and put Havasu in a positive light for college activities,” Concannon said. “But they must be respectful of the city, its citizens and the college students they cater to. We’ll help them out by promoting the city as an exciting spring break destination, and I hope this benefits everyone involved.”


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