Lake Havasu City’s Water Conservation Department is hosting a tour to learn about the value of Havasu’s water supply on Oct. 25 or Nov. 1.

The “Value of Water Campaign” hosts one day every year called “Imagine a Day Without Water” in which cities, organizations, and businesses are challenged to educate the public about the importance and value of water in their community.

For this year’s campaign, the tour of the city’s water facilities is led by Water Conservation Specialist Briana Morgan.

On the tour, citizens learn where our water comes from, how it’s safely treated and cleaned for drinking, and lastly, how we treat wastewater after it goes down the drain. More importantly however, citizens learn about the scarcity of our water supply, and why water conservation is such a hot-button topic in all areas of the world, and especially in Havasu.

The tour consists of visiting the city’s horizontal collector well, water treatment plant, and lastly, one of the city’s three wastewater treatment plants. This opens the opportunity for citizens to educate themselves on our water supply, ask any questions they may have regarding water, and gain an in-depth view of city operations.

For details or to register for a tour, contact Briana Morgan at the Public Works Department Water Conservation office at 928-854-0880 ext. 4931.


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I did this a few years ago and it was well worth the time spent. I recommend it for everyone. Very informative and will help everyone understand what it takes to get pure clean drinking water from our faucets.

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