The Refuge Restaurant

A bench blocked the entrance to The Refuge Restaurant and Bar Wednesday morning, accompanied by a note on the door letting people know about the temporary closure.

The Refuge Restaurant and Bar is closed, at least temporarily, but the golf course is staying open.

A sign was posted on the front of the doors to the restaurant at The Refuge Golf & Country Club on Wednesday morning that states the restaurant is temporarily closed. The pro shop and the golf course remain open for business.

Multiple attempts to contact the owners and managers at the club were not successful before Today’s News-Herald went to press on Wednesday. According to The Refuge Restaurant and Bar’s answering machine, the restaurant had been operating under reduced hours during the summer and had been closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Refuge Property Owners Association is not directly involved with the Golf & Country Club, but POA President Fran Delach said the owners informed the POA that the restaurant would close due to a typical slowdown in customer activity and business during the month of August.

Delach also said that the POA has been approached by the club’s owners about the possibility of the association acquiring The Golf and Country Club.

“We will be working with our property owners to explore that option,” he said.

Information Solutions, Inc. is listed as the current owner of the property on the Mohave County Assessor’s website. The company purchased the club from prior owners Jerry and Cindy Aldridge in 2017, but the Aldridges stayed on as chief operating officer and treasurer, respectively, for two more years. In December 2019 management of the club changed hands when the Aldridges resigned. Don Clark was named Vice President and Treasurer of The Refuge and began overseeing club operations at the time, while Ed Little took over as Vice President of Golf Operations. A list of current board members was not immediately available.


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Wow, all that PPP money and you still couldn’t stay open?


Good job new board members. Bleed it out, lay off a crew of many employees.


The employees were great, they tried their best to keep the place going.


This place has been a mess for years. Glad we moved to Lake Havasu Golf Club.


Don't believe everything you read. Fran is not a she!


Thanks for the correction, Fran will appreciate it!

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