Powerboat accident

A photo provided by the Mohave County Sheriff's Office shows the sunken powerboat involved in Tuesday morning's accident. 

Three people were injured after a powerboat that was traveling between 80-100 mph made an abrupt turn, ejecting its occupants at about 10 a.m. Tuesday. 

The 36-foot Skater Powerboat was traveling southbound on Lake Havasu near Havasu Palms when it made a sharp left turn. As a result, two passengers suffered minor injuries and the operator suffered a severe head laceration, spokeswoman for the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Trish Carter said. 

Authorities identified the boat operator as 56-year-old Larry A. Guillen of Huntington Beach, California. The passengers were Bradly Stewart, 40, and Anthony Nelson, 28, both of Lake Havasu City. 

Carter said the incident remains under investigation. Authorities are still determining why the boat made such a sharp turn. Authorities say speed was a factor in the crash.

All occupants were wearing life jackets. 

“Also, what was life-saving; the operator was wearing a safety cutoff lanyard, which killed the engine to the boat,” Carter said. 

Mohave County Waterways Sgt. Kyler Cox said the use of life jackets helped minimize the harm of Tuesday’s accident. 

“This crash could’ve been significantly worse had the occupants not all been wearing life jackets. Remember, life jackets save lives,” Cox said.

Guillen was transported to Contact Point and then to Havasu Regional Medical Center for treatment. The other two occupants refused medical attention. 

This is the second major boating accident to occur on Lake Havasu this season. Last week’s double fatal boating crash remains under investigation by the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office. There have been no charges filed in that case.

Carter said investigations into boating accidents can take months depending on the situation.


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Classic sign of having more boat than brains


Unless you know the facts, I suggest you not ASSUME anything.


Please have all the facts before you ASSUME anything.


There is one fact that can't be disputed. 100 mph is dangerous. He was going between 80-100 at the time.


[sad] I understand they tried to avoid a jet ski that turned in front of them, so sad it looks like it was a very nice boat.


people on PWC always like to play chicken with these kinds/boats ,,speaking from past experience. PWC owners need to get a brain .


Glad it wasn't worse. More than likely mechanical failure.

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