While working on a project on the front porch several years back, movement out of the corner of my eye caused me to turn to the east. It was a man walking across my property.

“Can I help you?” I called out.

At that his pace quickened, he said nothing, did not look toward me, and I noticed he was holding something. Common sense says here’s someone who knows he is not supposed to be there. (I also wondered if what he was holding belonged to me.)

I did what anyone would: walked toward him, asking again (louder), “Can I help you?” Still no response. Again, and no response.

He was moving quickly toward a little, unmarked truck on the edge of the street. I did not catch him before he drove off. Turns out, he was reading the meter, a utility employee told me. That is what I think of when the subject of peddlers comes to mind. He was not selling anything, but was on my property without my permission.

There are efforts in some cities in Arizona to license peddlers. Among others, these are the people who go door to door, selling all manner of goods and services. (These are not the religious folks who come by to ask if you “know Jesus.”)

These licenses are good business. If you’re in a neighborhood selling your wares, whether a community has a Block Watch or not, you should be on the up-and-up. Otherwise, we are left to wonder if you are casing the places and will be caught later with ill-gotten goods.

This has me wondering if vacuum cleaners are sold door to door anymore.

Apparently they are, according to internet searches (more so in metro areas).

It also makes me think about the guys who come by selling their leftovers from a steak order or surplus roofing materials. (That’s a sales ploy, if you ask me. Sounds like they need to be more careful with their orders.)

As for my property, this is why I fenced it. Just sayin’.

The utility company now reads the meter using binoculars, and unless you’re selling Thin Mints, we’re good. Thank you.

Tim Wiederaenders is an editor at the Prescott Daily Courier and a former resident of Lake Havasu City.


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