Lake Havasu and the nearby stretches of the Colorado River -- Arizona’s “West Coast” -- are known for having a multitude of hidden coves and beaches. Some beaches are only accessible by boat and many have amenities such as barbecue grills, portable restrooms, and shaded picnic tables.

Body Beach

Body Beach is a half-mile long stretch of shoreline on the Arizona (east) side of the lake. On any given day, you can find some of the world’s best personal watercraft riders practicing and testing in preparation for their next competition.

Bridgewater Channel

Every day is a virtual non-stop boat parade when you’re at the Bridgewater Channel. The narrow ribbon of ‘no-wake’ navigable water runs beneath the London Bridge, creating a waterfront for shops and restaurants.

Cattail Cove & Three Dunes

Cattail Cove and Three Dunes offers multiple soft sand beaches along Lake Havasu on the Arizona side of the lake. Along the beaches are a series of small coves that are good hunting grounds for bass and catfish.

Friendly Island

Friendly Island (aka Beaver Island), located only a little more than 4 miles from the London Bridge, has several secluded sandy beaches with ample drop-off for easy boater access. It’s well-protected from wind and boat wakes and has the added comforts of restroom facilities, barbecue stations, ramadas and trash receptacles, perfect for boat camping.

The Sandbar

Without question, the ‘Sandbar’ is the most populated gathering place on the river. It is located about one mile north of Blankenship Bend. Its wide expanse of shallow water and soft sand bottom lure hundreds of boaters to the Sandbar during warm weather.

Skier’s Island

Skier’s Island is a favorite hot-spot for skiers and wakeboarders as the natural cove and large rock island provides glassy water, even on busy weekends or in windy conditions.

Steamboat Cove

Located near the southern end of Lake Havasu on the Arizona side, Steamboat Cove is known as one of the lake’s largest natural, protected no-wake coves and a favorite hot spot for boaters to enjoy for the day or overnight stay.


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