As Lake Havasu City prepares to celebrate a milestone next year, it may seem a fitting coincidence that the Romans marked increments of “50” with the letter, “L.”

Next year, Havasu will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the London Bridge’s opening. Now residents are being invited to offer their own ideas as to what that celebration will entail in an online survey, which was published online this week.

“The community is excited and hotly anticipating coming together for the London Bridge’s 50th anniversary,” said GoLakeHavasu President Terence Concannon on Monday.

Lake Havasu City founder Robert P. McCulloch famously purchased the bridge at an auction from the city of London, England, for about $2 million before having each of its stones shipped to the Arizona desert. Construction of the bridge was completed on Oct. 11, 1971.

Lake Havasu City tourism officials are compiling their online survey to gauge what residents would like to see for the London Bridge’s 50th anniversary.

GoLakeHavasu announced the survey’s publication Wednesday on its website. That survey, as well as a survey related to Halloween 2021, will be available at until Dec. 18.

“We are wanting to hear what the community would like to see to help guide these conversations,” Concannon said. “Once the survey is live, residents can complete and share it. They can also provide their email addresses if they want to stay posted on how to get involved with the events to be held.”

The survey will be available to residents and visitors at


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