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Mohave County Supervisor Gary Watson of District 1 proposed a town hall meeting to discuss the mask mandate in county buildings that will be held at noon on Thursday, Oct. 22.

KINGMAN – Based on the number of comments Mohave County received via social media platforms concerning the mask mandate in county buildings, Supervisor Gary Watson of District 1 called for a town hall or a public workshop in place of the previously scheduled board of supervisors meeting at noon on Thursday, Oct. 22. The location will be the same – the county administration building, 700 W. Beale St.

“That would give the public an opportunity to address the board regarding the mask mandate” put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, Watson told the board on Thursday, Oct. 15.

He reminded the audience that the county does not require face covering in businesses in the unincorporated parts of the county. It only requires masks in county buildings, Watson said, “to protect our people, who provide essential services to the public.”

But Supervisor Hildy Angius said the town hall is “almost past time,” and noted the county never asked employees if they wanted to wear face coverings.

“It’s time to get rid of the mask mandate in the building,” she said and made a motion that failed 3-2, supported only by Supervisor Ron Gould of District 5, who observed that there are only 49 seats available in the auditorium with the current COVID-19 safety measures, which hardly creates enough space for a proper town hall.

Chairwoman Jean Bishop that rotating the public in and out would resolve that problem.

Angius reminded her colleagues that there is a special meeting with the Arizona legislative delegation at the county building on Monday, Oct. 19.

“I assure you that some of those people that are coming will not wear masks,” she said, asking if the county will not let in its own state representatives. “It’s going to be an issue,” she said.

A town hall will face the same obstacles, and Watson and County Manager Sam Elters admitted there are questions regarding the workshop. The county is able to provide face shields for those who cannot wear face masks and perhaps will allow some individuals to speak from a distance of 6 feet.

Angius said she cannot attend a meeting on Oct. 22 because she will be in Phoenix. The town hall was approved nonetheless with a 4-1 vote.

In a joking exchange with Bishop and Watson, Angius said that indeed, next Thursday she will be asking Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey to rescind his declaration of emergency, and will confront him about face masks.

Mohave County Director of Public Health Denise Burley was present at the meeting, and made a case for face coverings that she said, along with social distancing, have kept Mohave County COVID-19 numbers down in recent months.

Angius said the county’s low numbers should not be attributed to face masks, since both Lake Havasu City and Bullhead City called off their mandates.

“It’s the population density,” said Gould about the COVID-19 numbers.

While still not meeting the minimum benchmarks set by the Arizona Department of Health Services, Mohave County remains in the moderate range, Burley said.

The part the county is still struggling with is the number of cases per 100,000 individuals, Burley said.

“It’s a roller-coaster,” she said, but fortunately with less intense ups and downs than in previous months.

To get to the minimal category, Burley said, the county should record not more than 22 cases per week for two consecutive weeks.


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Wearing a mask doesn't hurt anyone and just might save someone. Wear a mast, its the only thing that's been proven to slow and protect everyone from Covid19. Stay away from risky places of business: clubs, inside restaurant dining, bars etc. All gathering where people meet indoors need to be avoided. Mash up folks, it not just your life you might save, it could be the people you know and live with. It's simple, Just Do It!


Today was the 2nd worst day in reported virus cases since March of this year, 76,000 infected! What are we haggling about? Whether masks should be worn in municipal buildings! It is time to stop doing what the Keystone Cops in our White House are doing and reissue the CDC safety precautions! From COVID-45;s fav in the state capital, to the County Supervisors to the Mayors, stop drinking that water from Flint, Michigan , stop acting like you know all about this deadly virus! Mandate the wearing of masks! There has been enough said at town halls and council meetings by local morons as this virus goes into its 3rd surge during flu season. Unlike "small hands" we are not rounding the corner and the virus is not, it is not, disappearing.


As we near the end of Typhoid Donny’s, the super-spreader of the trump virus, reign of error his ineptitude and ignorance lead to an uptick in cases in COVID-19 cases in our beleaguered nation that leads the world in infections. Thirty-eight states along with Washington D.C and Guam recorded increases in cases with Texas and Rhode Island not reporting over the weekend and Missouri not reporting because of “technology” issues.

"We are really struggling," Dr. Todd Vento, director of the Telehealth Infectious Disease Program of Utah-based Intermountain Health, said on NBC's "TODAY" show. "People are doing heroic work, but they are really getting to the point where it's going to be literally unsustainable."

Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader of the trump virus, held another of his gene pool cleansing rallies In Wisconsin on Saturday where thousands of morons, without masks, proved they are a public health hazard. The state, which does not release case counts over the weekend, had a record 3,861 new cases Friday, according to the state's health department. In North Dakota, a whopping 4 percent of the state's residents have contracted Covid-19 since March, most of the cases coming within the last few weeks.

North and South Dakota lead the U.S. in weekly virus cases per capita and intensive care units are filling up across the states. According to the most recent data released by the North Dakota Health Department, there are 16 ICU open beds in the state, just one in the capital, Bismarck. The state, which does not have a mask mandate, only recommends that its residents cover their faces.


Reading the account of the Mohave County meeting, my one thought is, it is true: you just can't fix stupid! Masks help stop the spread of the virus! Although our Mayor caved, many in Lake Havasu City are still wearing masks because we listen to the Scientists and not destruction donny! 48 states are now showing rising Covid cases today. Wisconsin has had to set up a mobile Covid ward because their ICU is full! Why are people so hard-headed and stupid?


Sounds suspiciously like a gene pool cleansing event.


I find it interesting that you constantly throw out the "gene pool cleansing" term, as if you wish people would die. Well here are your status, but just in a different order:

US Population: 330,000,000

Covid infections and positives: 8,248,612

Deaths: 223,000

Recovered: 5,321,146

Which tells me that 329,175,138, have not had the infection.

That of the 8,248,612, 5,321,146 have recovered.

That leaves a number of 2, 927,466, and of that 223, 000 died. Which now leaves a number of 2,704,466, which are ????

My point being, the numbers just do not reflect a "gene pool cleansing", no matter what your wish is.

You need to come up with a new talking point, because yours is worn out.


I wish death to nobody, in fact my comments have always supported the rights of fools to attend gene pool cleansing events.

I find it interesting how easily you brush off the deaths of more than 220,00 Americans.

You failed to mention the herd immunity (called "Herd Mentality" by Typhoid Donny, the super-spreader of the trump virus) supported by both the idiot-in-chief and his minions posits that 70% of the population must be infected for it to be effective. That means with a population of 330,000,000 people 231,000,000 would have catch the disease. At a current death rate running about 2.2% that means 5,082,000 Americans will have to die. Those willing, take off your mask and step forward.


It must be hard being you. You only look at the statistics of those on the left, and you only assume you are always correct. No one is brushing off 223K deaths, my point was you always use the term Gene pool cleansing, despite what you say above, you are presuming that death will come from Covid and cleanse "your "Society of those that disagree with you. I've said it before and I'll say it again. You bloviate day in and day out, night in and night out, and yet you are nothing more than a name calling bully. You call our President names, yet you refuse to acknowledge the deficiencies of VP Biden, to which there are many. When this is all over, I hope you find something else to bloviate about, because this conversation of yours is boring, and worn out. And BTW, your 5 million and 2.2 % numbers, are only numbers and presumption. I happen to be a bit more positive than you, and that is, that someone will come up with a vaccine, and I really don't care who, but this "pandemic" is filled with inaccuracies from both sides of this fence. I expect it to go away pretty fast with the election. You should practice to be more positive, and inspirational in your life, because now, most people just think you're a jerk.




Total tests 125,782,677, so that simple math of yours is not reliable![sad]


What you fail to say, Pegymo, is that of the number that "have recovered" many, many of those are still suffering after effects of the virus months after testing negative! Some have permanent damage to the brain, nervous system, vision and hearing and other health issues. In this case "recovered" means, they didn't die! Here is my "talking point"! To make light of Covid 19 if foolish and potentially fatal! Moreover, people listen to those like trump and don't think protecting themselves is all that important. Ask the grieving families of the two hundred and twenty three thousand Americans who have died!! Be responsible!

Objective Dialectic

Resist [thumbup]


I have been more than responsible during this time. I do understand that people are still suffering. But what I also understand is two things. Keeping the country closed down just is not an option. We'll be in a depression before you can turn around, and there a 190 million people ready to go back to work, so they can pay their bills, feed their families. I also see people that the death may or may not be covid, but due to the pre-existing conditions they have, and their age, it's impossible to distinguish, so they push them into the virus category (more money you know). And lastly, we are called a society because we are social people, and no one gets out alive, older people have put their time in and just want to live our their days normally, and young people just don't get that sick. I think it incredibly irresponsible to cast the healthy to the side, and hone in on the negative of who or who has not had it, who's going to get it, and who could potentially die from it. Deaths are indisputably down. No one has made light of the disease, including me, I have just chose to take care of myself instead of waiting of the government to tell me what to do, when I can do it for myself. You missed the entire point of my post. The numbers just do not indicate there is a "cleansing of the gene pool", it indicates, like everything else, we'll make it thru this without being all about doom and gloom. Being responsible, for myself, and looking to the future, what a novel concept.



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