Arizona Town Hall is planning an event with the aim of discussing a theme of “strong families, thriving children” in Mohave County.

The Mohave County Community Town Hall will take place Nov. 2 from 9 a.m. until noon at the Mohave Community College Lake Havasu Campus multipurpose room in building 600, located at 1977 W Acoma Boulevard. Anyone is welcome to attend the town hall meeting, but they are asked to register for the event ahead of time. To register visit or call the Arizona Town Hall office at 602-252-9600. Registration is free.

The event is one of several with the same theme planned by Arizona Town Hall throughout the state. Lake Havasu City Mayor Cal Sheehy, who serves on the Arizona Town Hall Board of Directors, said the organization is planning to combine input from each of the town hall meetings into a state report.

“It is a great opportunity for citizens to engage with potential outcomes on how our community can address and identify solutions to encourage and have healthy families and thriving children within our communities,” Sheehy said. “Obviously having healthy families is paramount to building a sustainable community. It is a great show of civic involvement and allows you to be part of the solution.”

Sheehy said Arizona Town Hall was previously used by Lake Havasu City during the America’s Best Community Competition in 2017.

“The way that they are able to identify what is important to citizens within the community, and then be able to report out on it is an amazing experience,” he said. “There is no preconceived idea of what they are hoping to achieve, but they want to get input from citizens within our respective communities.”


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I am going to provide a link which applies MOSTLY to members of the black community. However, it CAN and DOES apply equally to every family in America. The title of the video is "Fathers Matter". It is my hope that everyone takes just a couple of minutes to view the video. Look for political candidates who are in favor of correcting some of the injustices in our Tax Code. They deserve our consideration.

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