A Lake Havasu City couple awaiting trial in the alleged murder of their 2-year-old daughter will have to wait almost six months longer.

Mohave Superior Court Judge Billy Sipe this week granted continuances in the cases of Andrew Lamorie and Brittany Rodriquez, who were charged with first degree murder in the death of their youngest daughter, Gabriella Lamorie. The continuances, requested by Mohave County Legal Defender Ron Gilleo and Public Defender Robin Puchek, were granted after the attorneys received more than 1,000 new pages of discovery documentation earlier this month. Prosecutors presented this documentation about 30 days prior to the couple’s trial, which was scheduled to begin Nov. 5.

“The current trial date would be unrealistic in light of this unprecedented amount of new disclosure,” Puchek said in his motion for a continuance in the trial.

According to Puchek’s request for a continuance in Lamorie’s case, prosecutors could use recorded phone calls made by Lamorie as evidence during his trial. Prosecutors may also use the presence of an injured dog in Lamorie’s residence at the time of his arrest as an indicator of his “attentiveness” in caring for his children.

According to Gilleo, who is representing Rodriquez, the release of more than 1,000 new pages of discovery has made preparing for the case more problematic for the Legal Defender’s Office, which was as of this month experiencing a staff shortage. Additional witness interviews also will be necessary prior to the case, Gilleo said.

In January 2018, emergency first responders were called to Lamorie’s home when his daughter was found limp and unresponsive on the floor of his family’s walk-in closet. Medical technicians noted that Gabriella Lamorie appeared to be severely malnourished, and her rib cage was clearly visible, according to the police report. Barely breathing, Gabriella was transported to Havasu Regional Medical Center, and later flown to a Las Vegas hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Lamorie was questioned by Lake Havasu City Police detectives on Jan. 11. He allegedly told detectives that Gabriella was a happy, healthy 2-year-old. He allegedly told detectives on the night of his arrest that Gabriella and her 3-year-old sibling had a fight over a toy in their home, and that he separated the children. According to police, Lamorie said he placed Gabriella in their closet for a “time out.” When he returned minutes later, Lamorie allegedly said, he found his daughter lying on the floor. Police say Lamorie told them his daughter may have been climbing on a small desk in the closet, and had possibly fallen. He allegedly denied personally injuring his daughter.

According to police, the child suffered multiple brain contusions, brain bleeding, bruising to her face and head, and apparent trauma to her abdomen, police said. Medical staff allegedly told Havasu detectives that even if Gabriella Lamorie survived, she would never lead a normal life.

Due to the nature of the victim’s injuries, Lamorie was initially charged with felony child abuse, child neglect and aggravated assault against a minor. He was additionally charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana after officers allegedly found quantities of marijuana and several bongs in his home. He was also charged with one count of animal cruelty when a dog was found with a broken leg in his home, which had allegedly gone untreated for at least six months.

Lamorie and Rodriquez were both charged with first degree murder when their daughter died three days after Lamorie’s arrest. Lamorie and Rodriquez, who prosecutors this year intended to try together, will now be tried separately. Lamorie is scheduled to stand trial April 7, in Mohave Superior Court. Rodqriquez’ trial is scheduled to take place April 28.


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