Trump courting Latino voters

Arizona Republican Party Chairwoman Kelli Ward snaps a selfie with supporters of President Donald Trump at a Latinos for Trump event in Phoenix.

PHOENIX — With polls showing him trailing in the state, President Donald Trump stopped in Phoenix on Monday to woo a key demographic that could make or break the November election and determine whether Arizona flips from red to blue: Hispanic voters.

His appearance at a Latinos for Trump roundtable at Arizona Grand Resort & Spa came just days after Sen. Kamala Harris, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, virtually addressed Hispanic business owners in the state.

The back-to-back events illustrate just how big a role Arizona’s Hispanic voters – and the state itself – are expected to play on Election Day.

“Hispanic Americans strengthen our nation beyond description,” Trump told hundreds in attendance – most of whom did not wear face masks. “You protect our nation as brave members of the military and as members of law enforcement. You uplift the communities and promote our shared values of faith and family, community, hard work and patriotism.

“You’re an amazing group of people.”

The president’s words stood in stark contrast to some of his policies and past portrayals of Latino immigrants. When he announced his candidacy in June 2015, Trump portrayed immigrants from Mexico as “bringing drugs, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists, and some, I assume, are good people.”

His efforts to build a “big, beautiful” wall along the southern border and hard-line immigration policies, such as family separation of migrants, have further put him at odds with some Hispanic voters. National polls show Democratic nominee Joseph Biden leading among Hispanics, although Trump recently has been gaining ground in the key state of Florida.

Democrat Alfredo Gutierrez, a former state senator, said the president’s actions show his true feelings toward the Latino community.

“The issue of hate is clear,” Gutierrez said at a news conference with other Arizona Democrats ahead of Trump’s appearance. He pointed to the immigration policies and past rhetoric by Trump perpetuating racist stereotypes of Latinos coming in illegally to destroy the country.

“He’s repeated those acts over and over again,” Gutierrez said.

For the first time this year, according to the Pew Research Center, Latinos are expected to be the largest racial or ethnic minority voting in a presidential election. A record 32 million Hispanics are projected to be eligible to vote, or 13.3% of all eligible voters.

In Arizona, Latinos comprise about 24% of eligible voters. That’s the fourth-highest percentage in the nation, according to Pew, behind New Mexico, California and Texas.

“Given that it is obviously going to be a very, very close race in Arizona and throughout the country,” winning the Hispanic vote is critical, said Rodney Hero, director of the Center for Latina/os and American Politics Research at Arizona State University.

“What will be critical is the outreach efforts, and it appears that the outreach efforts toward Latinos in Arizona have been as high or higher than some other states,” Hero said in an interview Monday with Arizona Horizon.

Biden leads Trump in Arizona by 10 percentage points, according to the latest poll released Monday by OH Predictive Insights. Other recent polls, including a Fox News poll released earlier this month, also have shown Biden ahead in the state – making Trump’s courtship of Hispanics even more key.

Supporters at Monday’s roundtable pointed to family values, religious views and social issues, including abortion, as essential reasons for backing Trump. Some who lined up hours ahead of the event chanted: “Vote your faith.”

“That’s one of the things we always put first, our faith,” said Felix Moreira, a Tucson mechanic. “That’s more important to us than anything.”

Anthony Skeet of Phoenix, who is both Native American and Latino, also said he supports Trump because of his faith.

“I’m a Christian, so he supports my values,” Skeet said. “People can say whatever they want about him, but at the end of the day, he’s getting the job done.

“I think a lot of the anti-(Trump) sentiment is … about border security. He’s not anti-immigrant, he’s not anti-Hispanic, he’s not racist. He’s just protecting the border.”

Some on the panel sought to counter the idea that Hispanics won’t support Trump.

Latinos like “the straightforward way of talking that you have,” Jorge Ramos told the president. Ramos owns Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Catalina, north of Tucson. “My support for you, more than anything, is because you show so much love for this country.”

Ahead of Trump’s appearance, Arizona Democrats denounced the president’s policies, pointing to an ineffective COVID-19 pandemic response that has disproportionately affected Hispanics and other people of color. An April Pew study reported that about half of Hispanics lived in a household where someone took a pay cut or lost a job as a result of COVID-19.

Trump’s appeals to Latino voters are “an act of desperation,” said state Sen. Rebecca Rios, whose district includes the majority-Hispanic town of Guadalupe. The town was hit hard by COVID-19, with rates more than four times higher than surrounding Maricopa County.

“Trump is completely out of touch with the realities that Latino working families are facing,” Rios said.

Hispanics account for at least 30% of reported COVID cases in Arizona, compared with 24% among whites, and Hispanics represent 31% of COVID deaths, according to the state Department of Health Services.

“Instead of working to help working families, Trump is solely focused on funneling relief money to the rich and the well-connected,” Rios said. “Trump’s failed response has treated our essential workers like they’re disposable, and it’s a disgrace.”

Arizona, once comfortably Republican, is considered a key state that could help determine the presidential race Nov. 3. In 2016, Trump beat Hillary Clinton by 91,000 votes. Four years earlier, Republican Mitt Romney won the state by 208,000 votes.

In the 2018 midterm elections, Democrats in the state won six of nine seats in Congress, including two formerly held by Republicans. Nationally, that election saw higher voter turnout overall, according to the Census Bureau, and a 13 percentage point increase in Hispanic voters compared with the 2014 midterm.

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Neighborhood happenings: Thirteen neighbors switched from voting Democrat to Republicans last week thanks to my persuading them. Actually I didn't have to do much persuasion. When Joe couldn't remember his own name during an interview, they quickly saw the light.


How sad that you convinced people to throw away their votes, but then anyone who listens to you cannot be terribly bright. Now it is important for you to tell everyone despite their being foolish President Biden will make certain that all Americans are properly cared for. They will no longer have to be terrified of losing their Social Security, Medicare or per-existing conditions protection. And 6.4 million Americans will not face death because of trumps "herd-mentality" stupidity.


Neighborhood happenings – A neighbor showed up with a “new” used pick-up. He forced the seller to shave $50 off the price because it had one of those stupid trump bumper stickers on it. Then it took almost two hours to get the thing off his bumper. I loaned him some Goo-Gone that finally did the job.

Towards the end of the block a flag-poles suddenly lost its Chinese crap trump flag. The homeowner – an actual veteran – said trump’s comment about veterans being “losers” and “suckers” was the last straw. Go Biden/Harris!

Too old for this

Not my words, but I tend to agree with them:

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Virginia farmer, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man. Eventually the topic got around to Biden and his possible role as our president.

The old farmer said, 'Well, ya know, Biden is a 'Post Turtle''.

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a 'post turtle' was?

The old rancher said, 'When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a 'post turtle'.

The old farmer saw the puzzled look on the doctor's face so he continued to explain.

"You know he didn't get up there by himself, he doesn't belong up there, he doesn't know what to do while he's up there, he's elevated beyond his ability to function, and you just wonder what kind of dumb ass put him up there to begin with."

Best explanation I've heard yet.



Here we have another example of someone who is going to be very upset when Biden wins and the con-man is hauled out of the White House and, along with his grifter family, taken to jail. But it will be okay because President Biden will see to it all trumpers are given access to therapy along with pacifiers.


Are the liberals going to give up the pacifiers that they have been sucking on for the past 4 years?


[thumbup][thumbup][thumbup] Good one...


The small amount of photos from this event show that the audience is primarily white, not Hispanic. Just another campaign event and tRUMP even admitted it. Phony president, phony patriot and phony friend to the Hispanics...


Little Robert what a miserable SOB ,you are a one man comedy show of ignorance keep up the good work .


Who is "Little Robert?" and why do you keep talking about him? Try as I might I cannot find where a "Little Robert" has ever posted here. Is he one of those voices in your head?


Wow Little Robert, you were busy here. Hope you are getting paid by the word. Just like the old days... Not to worry, Soros has lots of money.


Who is "Little Robert?" No, I am not paid by the word for posting the facts and truth here - it is a public service. And Soros has nothing in comparison of what the Russians have to fund their operatives - so you're covered..


A digital ad released by the Trump campaign on Sept. 11 calling on people to “support our troops” uses a stock photo of Russian-made fighter jets and Russian models dressed as soldiers.

The ad features silhouettes of three soldiers walking as a fighter jet flies over them. The ad first appeared on Sept. 8 and ran until Sept. 12.


The cropped picture is nothing but a stock military picture that probably was acquired at "" where the full version is located, the artist is "" This picture was used by a lot of sites for various purposes.

I suggest the only issue here is the selection of a stock photo to make this ad was not researched thoroughly. This picture is clearly a composite.


So what? It, once again, demonstrates, just how sloppy the entire trump organization is when it comes to everything. But of course we cannot expect any of that group of losers to actually recognize a U. S. military aircraft.


BigBob - tRUMP using Russian jets and Russian models dressed as soldiers is very fitting, he is running to represent Russia again.


Beto could have died all of this...


Uhh, would you please your handler to translate that mess?

Joe Nobody

As of now, 17 comments on anti-racism, 21 on this 'Hispanic' story?

Anyone on either 'side' get where I'm going?

Comment deleted.


Comment deleted.

He does not care who he sacrifices! He basically hates people!


You have to feel sorry for trump as he flails about trying to prove he is not a moron. On Tuesday his usual incoherent phone-in to Fox and Friends rambled on about his subjects of the day, including his desire to kill Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad (which he has previously denied), how he read Bob Woodward’s book and found it to be “boring” (no one is buying-in to trump ever reading anything), how he fired General Mattis (who resigned), how they don’t have forest fires in Europe (sorry dummy, yes they do) and a slew of his usual lies about President Obama’s administration. The best part of Tuesday’s love-fest was when trump “volunteered” himself for a weekly call-in to FOX & Friends, which was eagerly accepted by human golden retriever Brian Oh-God-Just-Kill-Me. In a surprise move, head toady, Steve Douchey shut down trump by claiming the propaganda network has committed to no such thing and would not do so. Douchey also invited Joe Biden to appear on F&F although why anyone would risk brain-cell damage by having anything to do with these people is incomprehensible.



Too old for this

Agreed! Biden needs to protect both living brain cells that he still has, and an interview with anyone that did not provide the questions and answers first would undoubtedly kill at least one of them.


Oh look, another 10 year old chimes in.


I've talked to numerous Latino's the past few days and all of them will be voting for Trump. Jose is a closet Democrat and even he's admitting to switching party's.


I have met and discussed trump with many Hispanics who are eligible to vote and not a one of them is supporting the lying crook currently in our White House. You can only insult people for so long before they catch on to you being a con-man. President Biden can look forward to massive support from Hispanic Americans.




Now you are sounding like Trump, where did you find a Hispanic with whom to chat ?


Yea, sure, lol! Why would any clear-thinking Latino vote for a racist, draft-dodging, adulterer like trump?? Don't they know he despises them?


As with everyone else trump has been a disaster for Hispanic Americans –

1) Latino unemployment of 10.5% is the worst since The Great Depression.

2) There has been a 41% increase in hate crimes against Latinos since trump was appointed in 2016.

3) Latinos are 2.8 times more likely to contact COVID-19 and 4.8 times more likely to be hospitalized and to day.

BASTA! Vote trump out!




More of the taped comments from trump proving – yet again – he lied to the American people that has led, so far, to the deaths of more than 195,000 Americans:

April 13, 2020 - “Bob (Woodward), it’s so easily transmissible, you wouldn’t even believe it,” Trump told Woodward. “I mean, you could, you could be in the room…I was in the White House a couple of days ago, meeting of 10 people in the Oval Office and a guy sneezed—innocently. Not a horrible—you know, just a sneeze. The entire room bailed out, okay? Including me, by the way.”

Another of trump’s gene pool cleansing events took place on Sunday in Nevada where fools crowed the floor and refused to wear masks, prompting Woodward to wonder on Monday night if Trump would have employed the same philosophy there as he did in the Oval Office, “So he’s in the Oval Office, someone sneezes, and he bails out. He goes running out. Last night in Nevada when he was going through that rally—I mean, God knows how many people there, all packed together. I wonder if someone sneezed in the front row that Trump would bail out again and get out of the way.”

“When the history books about this are written and it’s all put together, people are gonna be, and historians are gonna be, stunned at the failure,” Woodward said, “the basic failure to lead and say, ‘Hey, this is what’s going on, guys.’”


Sadly, this truth will go in one ear and out the other of the trumpers!


How can these people forget those comments on the caravans crossing the border with rapists, criminals and gang members, the anti-immigration procedures and the children being separated from their parents. These groups will be recognized until the votes are counted, then back to the divisiveness. La primera vez que me engañes, será culpa tuya; la segunda vez, la culpa será mía.

Too old for this

You make it sound like how the Dems treat the Blacks during every campaign. The voters that he is trying to gain are not from the caravans, and most probably dislike the illegals, criminals and gang members as much as anyone. I think that you would have been pissed at him had he excluded the Latino voters from his campaign, too.



Comment deleted.



too old for this: My post had nothing to do with or about Democrats! The draft dodger in his own words classified these people, who are Latinos and Hispanics, clearly in a racist manner! Now he is reaching out, catering to Latinos and Hispanics like he cares! He denies, lies and doubles down, an acknowledged racist with his comments recorded on tape by his niece, Mary Trump, his previous personal attorney Michael Cohen and now Investigative Reporter Bob Woodward.

Objective Dialectic


Too old for this

Have another glass of kool-aid! Illegals are by definition criminals. No one called Hispanic American citizens criminals, murderers, rapists or anything else. The 3 "authors" all have a vested interest in selling a book and those books are not sold as "non-fiction" for a reason: the claims cannot be verified.

Pretend that Biden is not a racist who tried to amend the Constitution to ban integrated schools. Pretend he cares about the Black community that he is courting, but don't go look for any evidence that he has done a damned thing for them other than sniff their hair every four years for the past 5 decades.

All politicians are liars and will say whatever it takes to get elected and live on our hard earned taxes. Don't buy into the crap that the MSM tries to pass off as truth. We haven't seen truthful journalism in many, many years.


too old for this: again it is not Biden who classified Latinos and Hispanics, it is not the Democrats, listen to the words coming from the draft dodgers lips! All he does is open his mouth to change feet like he did at that City Hall, babble, ramble, yackety-yak, the virus will just disappear . . . . . moron!


Not one Latino I know is voting for trump! They know he is a racist! They watch what he does!

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