Mohave County educators and residents who are 65 and older will be able to get their coronavirus vaccinations today, if they can make an appointment.

According to Mohave County Health Director Denise Burley, Mohave County has already been allocated about 28,700 doses of the vaccine, and 22,313 doses have been distributed as of this week. About 86% of the county’s vaccine supply has already been distributed. More vaccine is expected to arrive each week, that amount is distributed from a pool of about 300,000, divided between Arizona’s 15 counties based on population.

Mohave County as of this year was home to about 3% of the state’s population. By contrast, Maricopa County is home to about 64% of the state’s population.

The Mohave County Health Department estimated this month that there are more than 37,000 county residents between ages 65 and 74 who are now eligible to receive their respective doses. Residents are advised by county officials to be patient in their efforts to receive the vaccine, as providers are planning to expand their efforts with the expected increase in demand.

“We’re working with providers to make sure they have an appropriate dosage of vaccine to meet their demands, especially as they move on to distributing second dosages,” Burley said.

According to Burley, federal health officials could help in the near future. The Federal Retail Pharmacy Program began last week, with federally-qualified pharmacies receiving vaccine doses from the federal government. Although Mohave County pharmacies have yet to receive those doses, Burley said Tuesday, the additional supply will give county residents a boost in receiving their vaccines. Burley says that four qualified health clinics and three pharmacies in Mohave County will be included in that effort.

Vaccinations against the coronavirus began in late December, provided by Moderna pharmaceutical company. Those vaccinations have until today been distributed to demographics including residents 75 and older, as well as healthcare workers and first responders.

Residents who receive the vaccine are advised to continue following social distancing and other mitigation efforts to reduce the possibility of spread or contact with the virus as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues.

Vaccine distributors in Lake Havasu City include The Apothecary Shop, Sunrise Pharmacy, Albertsons Pharmacy, North Country Healthcare, Havasu Regional Medical Center, Lake Havasu Primary Care, Safeway Pharmacy and Mohave Community College. Vaccines will only be distributed by appointment. For more information about where vaccines are available, visit

As of this week, 18,551 Mohave County residents have tested positive for the coronavirus. According to county records, 521 residents have died due to contact with the virus. On Tuesday, 19 new cases and three new deaths were reported.

To arrange an appointment to receive a vaccination by telephone, residents can contact the Mohave County Health Department’s Call Center at 928-753-8665.


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Key statement here is if you can make an appointment! Which you can’t because it’s booked out!!

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