Crippling storm hampers vaccinations as FEMA opens new sites

A pedestrian crosses Market Street during a snow storm in downtown St. Louis on Monday, Feb. 15, 2021. The brutally cold weather is expected to continue through Saturday with more snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.

Mohave County educators and residents ages 65 and older became eligible to receive coronavirus vaccinations, but actually receiving a dose of the vaccine was another story.

No lines were present at locations such as Albertsons Pharmacy or Walgreens in Lake Havasu City on Wednesday, despite the announcement of Mohave County’s next phase of vaccinations – all for the same reason. As of midday Wednesday, there were no vaccines to give.

Mohave County Spokesman Roger Gallery said vaccine shipments were delayed by bad weather elsewhere in the country. He said it was unclear when providers would receive their allocations of vaccine doses this week. As a result, several providers have started canceling scheduled appointments, he said.

At Mohave Community College, Embry HealthHealth workers have provided testing for the coronavirus, and have offered vaccinations by appointment since December. The process has required residents to “drive up” to providers at the location, where they would receive their dose of the vaccine. On a normal day, workers say the parking lot would be filled with residents hoping to be vaccinated or tested for the virus. On Wednesday, that parking lot was empty.

“The effort is still underway, but we don’t have any (vaccines) to give,” said Embry Administrator Chris Witham. “We’re hoping to get more soon. We have a million people who want one.”

A new shipment of vaccine doses was scheduled to arrive at the facility this week, but Witham was uncertain as to when such a shipment would arrive.

“We’re upset,” Witham said. “This is our community. We don’t like the delay, but there’s only so much we can do. We want to vaccinate people in our community.”

Lake Havasu City residents issued comments on Facebook to Today’s News-Herald about Wednesday’s rollout for new recipients – or lack thereof. And even residents ages 75 and older, who qualified to receive the vaccine in January, have not yet been able to receive their dose.

“My 83-year-old husband finally got an (appointment) date for the end of March,” said Michelle Dahinden on Wednesday. “He should have qualified long ago, but everybody we called said there are no vaccines available. We finally got a text back from one place with an appointment date and time.”

Havasu resident Dale Quinn is still waiting to be seen by a vaccine provider.

“My wife and I (ages 71 and 75) cannot get an appointment anywhere,” Quinn said. “Everybody says their appointments are full, and there’s no vaccine. We’re tired of the BS, and we’ll wait and see if we catch it.”

For some Havasu residents, the shortage in vaccines and appointment availability gave way to frustration this week.

“The county can’t even accommodate the 28,000 people in our community who are ages 75 and older,” said Jodey Grant. “And now they’re adding the 37,000 people who are 65 and older. It doesn’t make much sense.”

At Havasu Regional Medical Center, overwhelming demand has forced the hospital to decline any additional vaccine registration forms this week. Registration will reopen after the hospital has distributed vaccine doses to those who have already scheduled appointments. Until then, hospital officials advise the public to continue to follow CDC recommended guidelines for avoiding contact with the coronavirus.

Vaccination efforts began in December throughout Mohave County, with providers offering vaccinations to residents ages 75 and older, as well as medical professionals and first responders. Many of those residence have only yet received the first of their two required doses of the vaccine.

As of Wednesday afternoon, 18,606 Mohave County residents have tested positive for the coronavirus, with 530 deaths reported. County health officials reported 57 new cases throughout Mohave County on Wednesday, with nine new deaths. Of those new cases, 15 cases and one death were reported in Havasu.

County officials this week asked for patience as vaccination efforts continue, and efforts are being made to expand vaccination efforts throughout Mohave County in the near future. As of Wednesday, 21,212 out of 28,700 doses of the vaccine have been distributed to county residents, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

As of Wednesday, Mohave County maintained the second-lowest rate of vaccination in Arizona, ahead of only Apache County.


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This note is about the Embry MCC cancelations, not the politics. We were scheduled to receive the second vaccination next week and now it has been canceled. We now have to get in line with all the new reservations which has been expanded and that includes all the snowbirds. It appears we are months away from the second shot. Not sure if that will be as effective as the 28 day shot. I would think the Mohave County Health Department could have let Embry MCC, at least, allow them to open for the second dose.


Here is what that Former Guy said about the pandemic (aka the trump virus) that has so far killed nearly half-a-million American men, women and children - -

“It’s just affecting Democrat cities and Democrat states. “

“It’s safe to reopen. “

“It’s going to disappear in April, when it gets warm.”

“Wearing a mask is a personal choice. “

“Even the CDC guidelines say masks aren’t necessary.”

“It’s a hoax. “

“We have it contained.”

“It’s going to disappear.”


Some more twisted blabber by yours truly Big Blabber.


What I want to know is why they say it's free? When I took my dad to get the vaccine he was required to show his medicare, health insurance card and perscription card


Trump left a mess. Remember he said the virus was a hoax and it would just go away in 2020. What a liar. Maybe Mexico will pay for the vaccine.


Trump did not call the coronavirus a hoax. He referred to the Democrats’ criticism of the administration as a "hoax," not the coronavirus. Quit posting lies 1502.

Too old for this

Your daily blurb: Trump left a mess. Is that all you have? Trump left Biden with vaccines from multiple manufacturers and Biden slept through his part of the job. Trump is gone. Let go and realize that not all of the world's ills were caused by him. You and BiggBlob are broken records, or as Biden calls them, Dog faced Pony soldiers.




If only they would have taken COVID-45 seriously and made use of UV injections or increased the production of Trump-ian Clorox Chewables that crack White House Coronavirus response team led by boy wonder, the Jared, would have "just made the virus disappear!" The Agent Orange's "tremendous" COVID-19 Plan for handling things in the early days of the pandemic? . . . . . . . close your eyes, what do you see?[beam]


Maybe you wonderkins should turn off F. Tarlson and Shannity to get a reality check. There was NO pandemic plan, there was a huge shortage of supplies for caregivers and first responders and some of the supplies that were found were sub par and overpriced. The only plans and paperwork found after Genghis Can't vacated the White House were golf courses and play dates, pardons for his criminal boot lickers, ways to recover votes from the presidential election, how to use U.S. military in times of stress, tour routes through the capital building, speeches to incite 101, how to sue in the courts to reclaim votes, how to intimidate election officials, tasks for Rudy G, how Georgia can recover 10,700 votes for a victory and names with telephone numbers for the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, along with the anti-Semitic 6MWNE and Auschwitz crews.






1502! Mexico can't pay for the vaccine right now as all their pesos are tied up in financing tunnel companies as they burrow under COVID-45's majestic wall! Like Con Edison's slogan "dig we must" for better . . . . . . . . . . . . drug prices!


Democrats holding the shots back its not the weather its your President !

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