Two new projects in Western Mohave County could serve community youth as well as disabled veterans this year, with the use of federal coronavirus relief funding.

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to discuss and possibly vote on two project proposals from District 2 Supervisor Hildy Angius. The projects would provide a collective $350,000 for improvements at Bullhead City’s Boys & Girls Club and the city’s Veterans in Motion program.

Old equipment lingers as club serves new generation

The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Colorado River has operated for more than 34 years in Bullhead City. And according to county documents, much of the organization’s equipment is in need of repair or replacement. The organization has requested $250,000 in aid from Angius and the Mohave County Board of Supervisors through funding under the American Rescue Plan Act.

Of that funding, $87,000 is expected to be used for safety improvements at the Boys & Girls Club of the Colorado River - including bathroom repairs, ADA repairs, building lock replacements, security improvements, playground updates and equipment replacement.

The organization also plans to use $42,000 of that funding for landscaping services, stucco repairs, air conditioner repairs and signage for its facilities. About $15,000 would be allocated toward the purchase of new computers, and another $35,000 would be used to expand services for more children. Additional maintenance equipment would require about $20,000 of that funding, while $51,000 would be used to hire a workforce readiness coordinator to work with area teens.

Old generation could benefit from new equipment

According to the 2020 U.S. Census, veterans comprised about 10.5% of Bullhead City’s population. And Angius has proposed a $100,000 project to that population with the purchase of a van to transport veterans to appointments, meetings, classes and events.

The program would be implemented by Bullhead City nonprofit organization Veterans in Motion, which would use the vehicle to expand its services to local veterans. The organization, which until now has had no vehicle specifically for use in transporting its beneficiaries, was founded last year. The goal of the organization has until now been to aid in socialization and mental health for veterans through music and ballroom dance.

According to Veterans in Motion President Bob Horn, 91, transportation is “Plan B” toward the organization’s efforts.

“Right now we’re scouting for a used eight-or-nine-passenger van with a wheelchair lift,” Horn said this week. “We have two volunteers already signed up to drive it. And some of the veterans we serve don’t even have the phone … I’m going to get 20 phones for vets who need them, with solar chargers in case they need to call for assistance.”

According to Horn, the organization intends to eventually build a permanent facility in Bullhead City to aid veterans with office space, shopping and employment assistance.

“It’s ambitious,” Horn said. “Right now I’m trying to contact (donors) to raise $1.776 million … a lot of these veterans are coming back with PTSD, and there are 600 veteran suicide deaths per day that don’t have to happen.”

The Mohave County Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote Monday on whether to approve Angius’ proposed $350,000 in new ARPA projects.


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