Larry Smith and Deborah Robison continue to touch lives after their deaths by bringing strangers together Wednesday evening whom believe in their efforts to keep the roads safe.

The bicycle enthusiasts had a heavy influence in the Lake Havasu City community and have been advocates of cyclist safety.


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Betty Wilson

Frist of all it's a very nice idea to remember to ride and drive safely, the bikes aren't even at the location of the accident. Second of all, I drove by them on Sunday and they are so up against the guardrail that there is enough room for bikes to travel safely on the shoulder past them. Third of all I would hope the family got permission from ADOT to place them against the state property. Just like everyone else gets permission to place the white crosses on the state highway. They really aren't as noticeable as everyone thinks they are and for sure not a traffic haz.


Aloha and yhank you for remember Greg's mother's and her boyfriend's life. How sad to loose two very special people in your life at a blink of an eye. My prayers to the family and the driver.

Xin Zhang

Don't ride on 95, London Bridge road or Lake Havasu Avenue. I have rode for many miles and I have been hit by a car, those roads are dangerous.


Now if we can get 33,000 white motor vehicles left at all the locations where people die as a result of motor vehicle crashes annually, that would be drawing attention to the real problem.


I hope ADOT removes these traffic hazards soon.

Don Evans

It bothers me that every story about this includes the name of the driver of the car that was involved. She hasn't been charged and I would assume that there is a reason for this. Recently, on a trip down 95 I had a bicyclist turn his bicycle out of the birm of the road into the traffic lane. Had I not been the one paying attention, he would have become a statistic. His demise wouldn't have been my fault and I wouldn't appreciate constant reminders of the crash. By the way, when I blew my horn at the bicyclist, he gave me the finger. I thought that was a nice touch and my reward for saving his life. I also ride a bike every day for exercise and respect that we are hard to see and might have the right of way, but a car that weighs 4,000 lbs. will probably come out much better than my bike and my body. If you ride, stay alert.

Dee Kramer

Nice idea and thought, but seems that putting these out and chaining to state property right next to a roadway is cause for more DISTRACTED DRIVERS! Geez.
Im totally for something like this but NOT/WHERE its located.
this road is bad on a good day and now more distractions have been added and will cause more lives to possibly be lost including possible another biker serving around it and into another car!

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