Supervisor Buster Johnson

Supervisor Buster Johnson

Mohave County Supervisors on Monday delayed certifying the results of this month’s election, becoming the second county to delay the canvass in response to concerns over the way the election was handled.

The vote comes as the state’s most populous county, Maricopa, finishes counting ballots and the Arizona attorney general demands that Maricopa officials explain Election Day problems.


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Havasu Guy

Ain't they special..

Two rural Arizona counties have voted to delay certifying their ballot canvasses as some in the GOP claim voters were disenfranchised. Only two counties, Mohave and Cochise county are delaying their duty to certify their elections.

Republican-heavy counties Graham, La Paz, Pinal, and Yuma certified their results on Monday. And while a rumor spread on social media sites on Monday suggesting Gila County would delay certifying their results, the county had already done so in a unanimous vote last Friday.

The supervisors’ decision to put off certification appears to have been at least partly influenced by people who live outside those counties, including some activists involved in a failed movement to throw out 2020 election results. Those activists have revived claims they made unsuccessfully in 2020 —that vote-counting machines weren’t properly certified — even though the Arizona Supreme Court rejected that claim in September.

The county board of supervisors has put their party before the citizens of Mohave County one too many times. We need supervisors that will work for All county residents, not just their political party. This newspaper has polled readers about different county supervisors actions and repeatedly the poll results come back that about 2/3rds of respondents do not agree with the supervisor's actions. We need representation, not political horseplay.

Your Welcome

The Biden administration’s Justice Department successfully prosecuted election fraud cases last month in Pennsylvania and Louisiana, even as the president has spent much of his term so far asserting that voter fraud is a myth.

Federal prosecutors in individual U.S. attorney’s offices also have brought separate cases in Arizona, North Carolina, and New York during President Joe Biden’s administration.

At the same time, though, Biden ratcheted up rhetoric against state reforms aimed at preventing voter fraud.

Joe Joseph

The heck of it is, is that Katie doesn't need the red counties; she would have won by a lot more without 'us' and other red counties.

If they really want to take a stand, they'd refuse to certify and take a contempt arrest to prove their point?

Havasu Guy

Any truth to the rumor that Rudy Giuliani secretly met with the three supervisors that approved putting party before citizens? Did he pass on tRUMP’s instructions to them?

Robert Peterson

Well, Brandon, “or so they say.” Nice objective reporting there in line with the constant leftward spin of this “news” paper. Certainly don’t mention the disparities in the number of votes “counted” for State Representatives, Treasurer and Superintendent of Education versus Governor, Senator, AG and Secretary of State. Don’t mention we use same machines in Mohave County that have had problems in Maricopa County. And suddenly Buster is your hero?

Havasu Guy

Are you upset that a number of republicans didn’t vote for your favorite far-right candidates?

Joe Joseph

RP - I 'only' voted for a few candidates, but I voted on all Prop items. There is really no need to vote for unopposed candidates in MOCO. Did anyone take a deeper dive into 'everything'? Is it impossible that some people only voted on a few select races? It was a very long ballot, where were most of the non-votes?

Mohave Crone

“The only effect I can see is making us look like we are more about politics than doing our job,” Johnson said. BINGO! Unfortunately, Supervisors Angius, Gould and Lingenfelter aren’t interested in doing their job and representing the majority of their constituents. They ran and obtained political office purely to advance their wacky political views and to help their cronies.

Havasu Guy

Thank you Supervisor Johnson, you are correct about your perception. County hillbillies getting their feathers all ruffled up is a sad image. All of the supervisors are supposed to be working for All of the county citizens, not their political party.

Doug Leonard


Joe Joseph

Will the MOCO BOS ever do anything that matters?

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