A San Diego woman was arrested Saturday after police allegedly found her to be driving while drunk, and in possession of a pipe containing suspected methamphetamine residue.

Officers were called that afternoon to the area of State Route 95 and Kiowa Avenue after receiving reports of an intoxicated driver. According to alleged witness statements, the suspect – later identified by police as Kathleen A. Myatt, 54 – was driving a Chevrolet pickup truck with a bamboo-covered pontoon boat in tow.

Police allegedly found Myatt at a London Bridge Road hotel, where she was witnessed exiting the parking lot and entering the roadway. Officers pulled Myatt over, and according to the report, a glass smoking pipe could was visible to officers inside her vehicle as they attempted to speak to her.

Myatt was detained at the scene, and police say she appeared to be visibly intoxicated while speaking with officers. Officers searched Myatt’s vehicle, and allegedly found an open can of beer, which police said was cold to the touch. According to the report, some of the beverage had spilled inside the vehicle as Myatt was driving.

According to the report, Myatt agreed to perform field sobriety testing, but was unable to complete those tests to officers’ satisfaction. She was arrested at the scene and transported to Lake Havasu City Jail on charges of DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia and possessing an open container of liquor in a vehicle.

Police say that Myatt was found to have a suspended driver’s license due to a prior DUI arrest. According to the report, Myatt has been arrested on DUI charges 10 times since 2005 – five of which have occurred within the past seven years.


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