A Lake Havasu City woman was arraigned Monday on charges stemming from a hit-and-run accident that left one victim injured.

Police were called to the intersection of McCulloch Boulevard and El Dorado Avenue on Sept. 30 after receiving reports of a motor vehicle accident. Paramedics were already on the scene when officers arrived, and were treating a victim in the accident.

The victim allegedly told police that she was driving her vehicle west on McCulloch Boulevard when another driver, later identified as 36-year-old Melanie R. Turman, of Havasu, turned left in front of her. The victim allegedly attempted to brake and turn, but was unable to avoid the collision. The victim allegedly told police that she was dazed, and was having difficulty breathing due to the impact and the deployment of her airbag.

According to police, Turman abandoned her vehicle after the accident and fled on foot, but paperwork within the vehicle allegedly informed officers of Turman’s home address. Police also say that a records check showed Turman’s vehicle to have been stolen out of Las Vegas in 2015.

Officers searched for Turman, but were unable to locate her until Oct. 1, when she arrived at the Lake Havasu City Police Department to turn herself in.

Turman allegedly said she “freaked out,” and didn’t know what to do after the accident. She allegedly told police she attempted to help the victim at the scene. When two other people at the scene attempted to help the victim as well, Turman allegedly moved her vehicle off of the road and left. According to the report, Turman told officers she got a ride to Parker and spent the night before returning to Havasu to turn herself in.

When asked about her vehicle’s registration, Turman allegedly told officers the vehicle had been abandoned at her home by a former resident who had recently been arrested on multiple felony charges. Turman had been driving the vehicle for several months without issue until the accident.

Turman was charged with felony counts of theft of a means of transportation and failure to stop at the scene of an accident involving injury. She is next scheduled to appear in Mohave Superior Court on Dec. 2.

The victim in the accident was admitted to Havasu Regional Medical Center with bruising to her chest. According to the report, X-rays showed no bones were broken during the accident.


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