A Phoenix woman was arrested on Sunday night after she allegedly got in a fight with two bar employees, during which she pulled a female bartender’s hair and scratched her. She also punched a male bartender.

Daphne M. Bernal, 28, faces misdemeanor charges for assault and disorderly conduct after the incident, which reportedly occurred over a disagreement regarding her friend’s bar tab.

The female bartender told police Bernal was exposing her breasts to other patrons in the bar. When the bartender told her it wasn’t a good idea, she began to argue and threw a chicken sandwich at the bartender.


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Maybe the scanner feed took over the NewsPaper

see you

1st paragraph says Bernal pulled a female bartender’s hair and scratched her and also punched a male bartender at a no name bar, but the 3rd paragraph says the female bartender told Bernal it wasn’t a good idea to expose her breasts at the no name bar. Then Bernal threw a chicken sandwich at the bartender.
WHY would you not be able to report the NAME of the bar where this occurred? Did Bernal pull hair and scratch the bartenders as well as show her breasts and throw a chicken sandwich?
Was it PULLED chicken or a chicken “breast”? Did Bernal jump behind the no name bar?
WHY is there no reporter name on this? Are we ghosting all the fabulous articles now?

Marissa Flamang

The basics of real reporting- the who, what, when, and where. This is all missing. That is why i only lay there and do nothing while Al does all the work. He's the best! Way better than the prospector. He can dig my exclusive.


The Who, what, and when are literally all in the story. The only thing missing is the where, and it was likely redacted from the police report


Perhaps Jane Goodall should be called to help explain this type of behavior.


Yet another well thought out story, BUT WAIT !! WHO all were involved? WHERE did this take place? WHEN did this happen? HOW was the the bar tab misread? WHAT ever happened to journalism??


You're right. Too often articles leave the reader scratching their heads wondering what the purpose of the article is.


Did you ever stop to think there may very well be a reason for not adding every little detail. The participants may not have wanted that printed. I think there was sufficient info supplied.


Why even share the story? It left me wondering, "where did this hsppen"? I guess a space filler.

see you

VA172 - the participants don't get a choice on what is in the news, if its in the police report it can be in the news. HELLO?


The reason why it's sufficient info for you VA172.....is probably because you don't know where you are....who you know......or where you go in this town anyways. That story was no story at all.....just a bunch of words and b.s. put together that literally told us nothing. Stories are supposed to provide information......not just a bunch of unanswered questions. Dumb. Just dumb. My 7th grader writes better them this. And this is havasu.....your name ends up in the paper whether you like it or not if you get caught throwing a banana or arguing with your partner. So the lack of names of victims or where this even occurred shows the lack of professional journalism in this God forsaken town!

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