A Lake Havasu City woman is in hot water after police said she kicked a security guard in the groin and tried to kick an officer there after an early-morning incident at a neighborhood bar.

Maira Susana Cantor-Ramirez, 26, was charged with aggravated assault of an officer, a felony, and two misdemeanors, assault and disorderly conduct, following a May 12 incident.

Police said the responded to a bar on Regency Drive at about 1:21 a.m., Sunday, May 12, for a report involving a woman who was angry that her husband was there with another woman.

When the officer first saw the woman, she was being restrained by a bar employee. He asked her to calm down, but she allegedly said “Nah, I can’t.”

The officer did speak with her and she said she was upset with her husband because he is “with another (profanity).” When the officer asked her if she would calm down so he could take her handcuffs off, she allegedly responded that she “would go crazy.”

The handcuffs were locked in front of her, but the officers decided to lock them behind her for their safety. While doing this, Ramirez allegedly kicked backward toward another officer who was assisting. He blocked the blow with his hand and officer were then able to get her under control.

The investigating officer spoke to people at the bar who said she had been removed from the establishment after getting into a fight with her husband. When she re-entered the bar, the guard approached her and she allegedly kicked the man in the groin and in the stomach.

Officers were able to access video footage of the incident.


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