Roadside trash

Roadside trash along State Route 95 through Lake Havasu City is collecting at an alarming rate.

The fight against litter along Arizona’s highways has received some reinforcements recently, and more manpower is on the way. But when those extra hands will make it to Lake Havasu City is still up in the air.

State officials confirmed on Wednesday that Arizona Department of Corrections, Rehabilitation, and Reentry inmate work crews have started to resume litter removal and landscaping duties along state highways, performed as part of an intergovernmental agreement with the Arizona Department of Transportation. The Department of Corrections suspended all outside work programs in March 2020 as a safety precaution during the pandemic. During the 15 months that the inmate program was suspended, there have been reports of growing amounts of trash and litter along many state highways, including State Route 95 through Lake Havasu City.

The Department of Corrections announced on July 9 that it would resume its inmate work programs as part of phase II of its reopening plan. Bill Lamoreaux with the Department of Corrections said on Wednesday that teams from Lewis, Perryville, Tucson, Winslow and Yuma are already back in action.

Meanwhile, additional crews in Safford and Tucson are going through training before the inmates return to work along the highway. Lamoreaux said ADCRR and ADOT are also working to get the crews out of Kingman and Phoenix West back up and running as quickly as possible.

“The exact timing and location for deployment of crews depends largely on training schedules, inmate availability, finalizing the necessary paperwork, proximity to a prison complex and other factors that may be out of ADOT’s control,” ADOT Assistant Communication Director Doug Nick said “Efforts are underway to resume inmate work in Mohave County, including Lake Havasu City, but we do not have a timeframe yet.”

Nick said the inmate crew that conducts multiple cleanup efforts along State Route 95 through Lake Havasu City each year is based out of the Arizona State Prison in Kingman. He said ADOT is currently in the process of resuming its agreement with the prison in Kingman.

“ADOT intends to get the crews back on the job as soon as possible,” he said. “The agency is making the arrangements and finalizing the necessary agreements between ADCRR, ADOT and local authorities such as the county and municipalities.”


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havasu is a very ugly town. Very little landscaping along road ways, electrical wires everywhere, no curbs and junk in people’s yards. Drive up to the Foothills and you see where the California people live.

Too old for this

Are there no power lines in Scottsdale? No litter? If you want to see where CA people live, drive west on I-40 a few miles. They live differently in Needles. If Havasu is such an ugly town, why not leave for your dream home somewhere far away?


1502, the sad thing is once you come back from the foothills, well, you have to go back to reality. Is it chocolate or tapioca today? Maybe the guy doing the magic show can make Havasu more beautiful for you.


Its about time. Lets clean up this town, and crack down on those who trash it.


WE appreciate that people are taking notice, it's the first step to finding a solution. Driving into or out of town is a bit discouraging seeing the blight. High winds are to blame and some littering, thanks for the effort!

Too old for this

There are many reasons for the trash, including winds and littering. Trash blowing out of trash trucks are more common lately than they used to be, it seems to me. I have seen several trucks merrily heading to the dump while the top of the load is blowing all over. No easy answers, but using prison labor is a good start.


Fine the uncovered load offenders!


Yes, Too Old there are many reasons, I agree with you. Winds are a major factor, along with others. Years past, most had trashcans with lids actually stayed on, now we have hinged-lid plastic bins that fly open in the wind. Now we have big bins on wheels that have more surface area to push them. We also live in a city that isn't really flat on most streets in Havasu.

We also have more trash being discarded in areas that didn't happen in years past (short-term rentals). There are also many that put bins out when wind is blowing 20 plus mph (probably some of the same people complaining about it but won't pick any trash up, it's above them).

The city also went to the trash trucks with big hydraulic arms, picking up big bins and swinging them through the air, whenever the lid starts to swing open the trash-splash starts flying and then slam-bangs all the lose trash out (above the dump container).

Trash flies out of truck beds and boats being towed too. Some just don't care, it's not their city or neighborhood. Clean-up programs were hampered by the "shut-downs". The problem is that there are too many lazy people that would rather stare at it, step-over a piece of trash, just to complain about it later.

And you know I agree with you on the prison labor too.

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