Don’t let her young-girl shyness fool you. Under that bashful exterior is a thoughtful, expressive child with sensitivity beyond her years.

Juliet McCorkle, 8, is an energetic young artist who put her talent to work this past year to raise money for an ill friend. The lion’s share of her creations are large, vibrant and joyous. She sells her art from a cart which she sets up near a cash register at her family’s hardware store.

“One woman gave Juliet $70 for one of her pictures,” said Erica McCorkle, Juliet’s mother. McCorkle and her parents, Scott and Georgette LeGrande, own Havasu Hardware in downtown Lake Havasu City.

In a year’s time, Juliet has raised $400 from her drawings. She turned the whole sum over to Robert Chase, who is battling cancer.

Juliet knows that a major illness can be expensive. And she knows cancer can sneak up on a person.

“It’s an illness that gets in people without them even noticing,” she said Tuesday morning. Juliet was in the hardware store to set up her sales cart in an effort to raise more money. She tends to her cart more frequently now that she’s out of school for summer break.

Juliet is a high-production artist.

“I draw every day. I also go to art class every Tuesday. Miss Pam (Reinke) is my teacher,” she said of her Creative Kids art instruction at Reinke’s Havasu studio.

Mermaids are one of Juliet’s favorite subjects to draw, she said, noting that she likes to work with pink and purple hues. While painting and drawing are part of her repertoire, oil pastels are her favored medium.

“I really like using oil pastels. But the hardest part for me is shading,” Juliet said.

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