A body was discovered Sunday morning on State Route 95, in the area of Cattail Cove State Park.

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, a passing motorist found the victim’s vehicle parked at the side of the highway, with the victim slumped forward in his seat. The motorist investigated, and contacted DPS.

Public Safety detectives were dispatched to the scene, where they found the victim lying beside his vehicle. According to DPS spokesman Bart Graves, the victim was described as an older male, possibly in his early 50s.

The Mohave County Medical Examiner’s Office retrieved the body, which is now awaiting examination in Lake Havasu City. DPS and Mohave County medical officials said Tuesday the victim’s identity would not be made public until his next of kin were notified.

Online speculation, however, has indicated the victim may be Internet personality Conald Petersen, 53.

Petersen, also known as FedSmoker on Social Media, was known for producing videos detrimental to law enforcement and chronicling his possible drug use.

Public Safety officials could not comment on such speculation as of Tuesday afternoon.


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Hope he didn’t have three strokes


RIP Lord Fed Smoker. Keep following proto in heaven brother


So truly devastating [crying][crying] Lord Fedsmoker was a world renowned hair stylist, self made dentist, and an expert on all things mechanical! Keep feathering it up in heaven brother!


RIP Your jeans were always high and tight and your hair was always feathered brother


[scared] I grew up with him,,,he was an amazing artist and sadly treated poorly by many...love you herk I hope with is indeed not you...if people only knew how big your heart was...love ya herkster

Duct Tape

My brother didn't believe me when I told him that Fedsmoker died. RIP. Keep taking badges on the other side.


Tata there. I know you went to the belly of the afterlife to make sure everyone down there follows proto. Rest in proto brother

The Water Champ

Conald was a great influence on the lives of many. He taught the world to be proactive about calling out chomos, how to perform self dental care and how to feather it. He will be missed.

Proto Pazsitzky

The investigators better follow proto, LordFedSmoker deserves the best. This news is really low and loose. Hopefully they'll commemorate his passing with a national Featherin' it day. RIP

Bert Kreischer

First Epstein now Conald taken from us way too soon. Truly bad people like OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, and R Kelly,


The guy was a criminal and a drain on society.


Sleep well, Lord Fedsmoker. Hope you’re featherin it on the other side, brother. RIP

Proto Pazsitzky

It's a tragedy. I wonder if he crossed Garth the wrong way

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