Editor: For those who contend electric cars just run on fossil fuels too. Think about this. Regardless of how the electricity is generated it should be understood if it isn’t used it is not stored on those transmission lines.

Unused energy is just that, unused. gone. Hence the advent of demand meter billing. Energy we pay for that just sits there ready to go. Consider the idea that an electric vehicle as an unused electric storage unit on wheels that uses all that otherwise wasted generated power.

It can collect that energy at night, about once a week in my experience, when energy demand is low. I enjoy my electric car’s performance in every regard.

My electric bill at home has been unaffected. It is our perfect around town car, pre- cooled, hassle free, gas free quiet performance.

Oh, and my dogs say “thanks for not leaving me in a hot car or at home all the time.”

Again, I suggest maybe we think of an electric car as a rolling unused energy storage unit maximizing all that energy being generated anyway that would otherwise be wasted no matter how it is produced. And if you have excess at home solar power, that is a win win! Just saying another little spin on change is OK.

Leaving town ,we go gas for now until charging stations and range increase.

But going electric in town, Havasu is perfect in my book even with limited range. Zero to 100% charge at home overnight. Zoom!

Alex Ross

Lake Havasu City


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Well said, Alex. Thank you for the common sense.


Yes another voice of reason and that is a good thing.

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