Editor: Here we are with this epidemic growing, thanks to the officials who do not want to mandate wearing a mask — even the sheriff does not want to get involved.

This town lets everyone in, using our facilities and what we have to offer with no restrictions. You ignored the holiday for veterans and had a Trump Day instead. It’s all about the money, and that’s why your city has a lot of slums.

For all you Trumpetts not wearing masks, I just want to know how many people did you infect? Was it a family member or a child? Maybe you just don’t care? Maybe it’s your right but it’s my right to want to keep safe.

This reminds me of Jonestown when the master tested his followers with having them drink Kool-Aid to see if they trusted him and so they did, but on the next day he had them drink poison and killed them all. Is that what you’re doing? Are you following your master not to wear a mask, having rallies to infect people?

I hope you will turn around and wear masks to save people and not infect others. Do the right thing!

Aurora Sousa

Lake Havasu City


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“Trump 2020”, “Make America Great Again”, 4 more years! Has such a nice ring to it, am I right! I don’t want to give you this much credit, unfortunately you incredibly intelligent individuals have yet provided false information. The “Trump Rally” that had such great success was “NOT” on “Veterans day”, Man , I wish I could have went. I had to do that thing Democrat’s feel they shouldn’t “Have to do”. This Biased stuff otherwise known as “B.S” should contain some truth!


We all wish you, "could have went," as well. And 202o is correct, 20 years in federal prison, followed by 20 years in state prison. And it has been over three and half years and still the impeached guy has not made "American great again" - what's up with that?


I find it interesting that my eating a burger once a week brings one of my adoring fans out to show his love for me by cautioning that a burger will kill me. And yet the impeached fool squatting in our White House virtually lives on Big Mac’s and Cokes and no one seems to be worried about him. But as always, I want to thank my adoring fans for their concern about my well-being. Your love for me is truly humbling.


Please more rally's , open the churches. The more the better chance we will put this extremely losing behind us.


Hilarious! Where are the facts to support you’re story? How do you know who is a Trump supporter and who isn’t , simply by one wearing a mask!

Dawn King

It’s true that those folks that wear a mask in public may or may not be a twump supporter, most of the folks in this town that defiantly won’t wear a mask are most certainly twump supporters,


Proof! You people again have none! Lol! Protest , protest, protest , please continue! Keep the violence alive in the streets!


I'm a Trump supporter and wear a mask :-)

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