Editor: I’m writing in response to the non-mask folks who are openly and arrogantly ignoring the mask requirements in stores. I don’t much care for masks myself, nor am I fan of following rules and procedures all of the time. However, I do understand that I’m a member of a civilized community, which means that we are governed by rules and procedures that benefit us a whole. I also understand that as of today, over 4 million Americans have contracted the coronavirus, and over 150,000 of those are dead. That’s more than the population of Lake Havasu City, Kingman and Laughlin combined, and soon the American death toll will be equal to every man woman and child that inhabits Mohave County. So, be a rebel, rattle on about your constitutional right not to wear a mask (although, you seem to understand that you’re required to wear shoes, and shirts into public and private businesses.)

Most of us aren’t the sniveling snowflakes that you see us as, we understand that by wearing masks, we are saving lives, protecting the store clerks and their families, and we are working collectively to open up our communities. So, you do you, and I’ll do me, but don’t think that your obstinate attitude nor your arrogance hasn’t gone unnoticed.

Bill Thomas

Lake Havasu City


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Actually the ones fighting the wearing of masks are the true snowflakes.

Throughout this whole mask debate, I have said that the most patriotic thing an American can do is to help protect other Americans by any means necessary. The small action of wearing a mask can do that. By helping to slow this virus down by wearing masks in public, we not only help our fellow Americans and our hospitals, we could also help our local businesses stay open.

Even though I believe that tRUMP is now speaking positive about wearing masks because of his polling and the upcoming election, I'm glad to see that he's finally following Mr. Joe Biden's lead about wearing masks thus finally showing some patriotic duty as president.



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